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2013 NBA Draft

By Bearbottomproductions @BearBottomProd

The 2013 NBA Draft will take place on Thursday, June 27th, 2013 at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY. It will start approximately at 7 pm. Just to inform, Draft Night is the night where NBA teams pick college basketball players, whom all have proven to have the talent to play basketball professionally, to improve their respectful teams. Sometimes players are drafted with the intention of that player to be a star, or to be an asset to a team that’s already established. Trades can occur as well, so who knows what can happen on Draft Night?

Every year, there are certain college players that we all look out for in the Draft, wondering which team will pick them up. However, I cannot say that statement about this draft. Honestly, some of the players that are coming out of college to play in the NBA aren’t exactly ready for the professional level just yet. Although these players have potential and great work ethics, I just wished that some of these guys would have stayed in school for another year or two to work on their game, and show the Wonderful World of Sports that they can actually play. Basically, fans have another thing coming if they think one of these players will come out playing like LeBron James or Kevin Durant back when they were rookies themselves.

Nonetheless, I got 5 guys that I really want to see succeed in the NBA. Sure they may not be polished, but in due time they’ll develop.

1. Nerlens Noel, F/C, Kentucky.

Noel is arguably the #1 overall pick in this draft going to the Cavaliers, that is, if Cleveland decides to trade the pick. Although he’s coming off an ACL injury, he’s one player that will make a difference (that is, if he’s healthy). Before his injury, Noel was racking up on rebounds and blocks, but he was not offensively polished.

Weighing in at 205, Noel is the lightest big man to enter the draft, therefore it would be easier for him to move up and down the court. Plus, his athletic ability and long wing span will be very needed on the professional level. Basically, any team can use him. I think that Noel will be a starter in his rookie season.

2. Trey Burke, G, Michigan.

Trey Burke is the most exciting point guard in this draft. In Michigan, he was the key player that help lead the Wolverines to the NCAA Championship game for the first time since the Fab Five Era. Burke can pass, shoot, and defend like any other guard, but he needs to tighten up the tweaks in his game like any other rookie.

Honestly, I don’t know where he will land in the draft, but with the game becoming quicker and faster, Burke would be a shoe-in for any team, particularly off the bench.

3. Otto Porter, G/F, Georgetown.

Out of all these prospects, Otto Porter is probably the most NBA-ready, physical wise. Coming in at 6’8, he’s perfect for the swingman role, so he can come in the game playing either the 2 or the 3 position. Personally, I can see Porter being used for defensive purposes, particularly as a role player off the bench.

Porter will fall in the top five for sure.

4. Cody Zeller, F/C, Indiana.

Whoever gets Cody Zeller is getting a steal in this draft! Zeller was one of NCAA’s top talents hailing from Indiana, and he did not disappoint, capping off his college career with a National Championship. At 6’11, Zeller can excel in a league that lacks big men. Not to mention, he is offensively and defensively sound, but like all rookies, it can use major improvement. I can see Zeller being taken around 5-15 but because this is a game that lacks quality big men, he might go higher. Cody Zeller will be a starter coming in the league.

5. Ben McLemore, G, Kansas.

Projected at the Top 5, Ben McLemore may be the best shooter, and the most clutch player, in this draft. Playing for Kansas, he shows more than just his skills on the court. He is a great leader, and leadership is a quality that most NBA teams look for. I can see McLemore starting in his rookie year, but I can really see him playing the sixth man role. I know I said that none of these guys will make a name for themselves, but Ben McLemore is one guy that will be the quickest to stand out.

Those are a few guys that I’m looking at to excel in the NBA. However, we can’t be sure. We will all see how it all plays out today.

Hope you all tune in the 2013 NBA Draft!

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