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20 Things You Will Never Regret

By Brisdon @shutuprun

As I spent hours alone on the bike yesterday (5½ to be exact), I was thinking about how I try to make each day, each action count. One of my greatest fears is having things not done, words not said, gratitude not shown. So, on that note:

20 Things You Will Never Regret

  1. Your workout that you didn’t want to do, but did anyway.
  2. Carrying at least $3 with you on a bike or run.
  3. Not sending emails when you are angry.
  4. Doing something for someone “just because.”
  5. Wearing a Road ID.
  6. Taking a risk and doing something that really scares the crap out of you.
  7. Flossing.
  8. Sending a thank you note.
  9. High fiving a kid during a race.
  10. Laughing at yourself.
  11. Volunteering at a race.
  12. Taking a cake or cookies to the neighbor who just moved in on your street.
  13. Not gossiping.
  14. Putting on Body Glide or Vaseline before a race.
  15. Bringing an extra layer.
  16. Not getting defensive.
  17. Refusing to hang out with negative people.
  18. Leaving your Garmin at home every once in awhile.
  19. Taking a rest day.
  20. Rescuing a dog.


What would you add to the list?


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