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2 Weeks: No Gimmicks, Better Body ~ PRX 14

By Yonni @vegandthecity
2 Weeks: No Gimmicks, Better Body ~ PRX 14 I can be quite good at finding fault with my body.  My thighs, my butt, the shape of my ankles ~ that is the trifecta for my complaints.  I know many women (and men), unfortunately, are too good at this self-criticism.  It's hard to overcome!
Having said that, I do what I can to improve what I feel are my weaknesses. I eat well and exercise and keep to a pretty stable pant size 4 (though how I feel in them varies.)  Thanks to Pure Results 14 Day Challenge (aka PRX14), an awesome 2 week intense boot camp, I dropped an inch in my jean size and bought 2 pair of size 2 slacks.  That makes this girl happy!
What did I do? While I follow a healthy way of eating as a vegan, I was more cautious for those two weeks.  I cut out alcohol, severely limited salt (like added it to nothing, used no soy sauce, etc.) and watched the carb intake (like no tortilla chips, pasta, bagels, and the only rice was on limited amounts of vegetable sushi.)
What did I add?  PRX14, a 14 day program that's taken New York City by storm and has a wait list of over 200 people.  (I got lucky ~ I know the founder so he taught me!)  PRX14 had me incorporate an extreme cardio workout into every day, coupled with resistance work (tons of various squats and lunges, ab work, mountain climbers, etc.) built in every other day for about 45 minutes.
Day 1: I got off the treadmill (sweaty), did the resistance work and was exhausted.
Day 2: Powered through the cardio but was definitely feeling it.  Walking? Getting in and out of a car? My legs were on fire!
Day 3: Powered through again and felt my body slowly adapting to the challenging routine.
Day 14: My abs and legs (yay!) were much tighter and more toned and I had lost 3 pounds.  I was psyched!  No wonder people can't wait to do this.
No matter what condition you're in, if you live in or NYC clink on one of the links above and check this out!

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