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17 Weeks: What I Want to Remember

By Everemma
17 Weeks: What I Want to Remember
17 Weeks: What I Want to Remember
  • Just when I thought I was in the clear, my morning sickness came back on Tuesday in FULL force. Let's just say, I'm not convinced that my daily kegels exercise is doing much of anything. Maybe it's time to invest in some weights. This was definitely one of those times that I was extremely grateful that I work from home.
  • I want to remember little e asking to talk to the baby in my tummy and the "hugs" she gave the baby.
  • I want to remember that we went a whole day without having to change little e's diaper! Girlfriend is finally starting to get the hang of using a toilet. 
  • So much movement this week. I'm finally starting to feel connected to this new little person and that's making me spend some time thinking about what the future may bring.
  • We have decided that instead of taking a babymoon, we need a familymoon. 
  • I'm not sure when it happened, but it's finally uncomfortable to sleep on my tummy. Sad day for sleep, but good day for baby.

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