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15 Weird Things Runners Do (Or, Maybe It’s Just Me)

By Brisdon @shutuprun

It’s true that every sport, hobby, activity carries its unique set of odd or ritualistic behaviors. Running is no exception. In the few years I’ve been running, I’ve adopted some interesting habits that might make some think I’ve become slightly obsessed by sport…here are some weird things I do, but I bet some of you do them as well:

1. Run 40 miles per week, but still need to find the parking space closest to the door at the grocery store.

2. Talk out loud to yourself while running.

3. Hold up your Garmin to the sky because you swear you get satellites faster that way.


4. Sleep in your running clothes so you don’t have to change clothes for an early morning run.

5. Assume when someone passes you while you’re running that they are going a shorter distance than you are.

6. See the word “marathon” on the TV guide and get all excited before you realize it’s not related to running, but is related to a consecutive showing of episodes in a TV series.

7. Look at the clock and get a rush of excitement when your PR time comes up.

15 Weird Things Runners Do (Or, Maybe It’s Just Me)


8. Keep checking behind yourself while running alone – either for the boogeyman or someone who you are leaving in the dust even though you didn’t pass anyone for miles.

9. Apologize to the nail tech every single time you get a pedicure (I know my feet or gross, I’m so sorry, I run a lot…) – like he/she really cares. You know they’ve seen worse. Maybe.


The don’t call me “ol’ finger toes” for nothin’

10. Carry an odd assortment of things in your fuel belt: jelly beans, toilet paper, body glide and a dollar bill (in case you need in emergency Gatorade or quick visit to the strip joint).

11. Talk in acronyms: I got a PR at the RNR. I didn’t BQ but at least it wasn’t a DNF.

12. Fart in front of others on a regular basis (mostly this is done in running groups and is typically beyond one’s control)

13. Blow your nose in your running shirt because you suck at snot rockets and forgot Kleenex.

14. Race the person next to you on the treadmill even though they don’t know it.

15. Get insanely excited when a surprise porta potty appears on your run.


Any other odd habits you’ve acquired as a runner?


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