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15 Styling Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

Posted on the 16 February 2016 by Health_news

15 Styling Tips to keep cool this summer

When the temperatures soar to new heights all we want to do is strip off our clothes and sit indoors. But then not all of us can afford to sit indoors like a hermit. Get outdoors, at least for a while in the heat is inevitable.

For all you know, even the heat indoors might reach unbearable limits. You cannot wear regular clothes in the heat. You need to adapt them to suit the heat.

Here are few styling tricks that will keep you cool:

15 Styling Tips to keep cool this summer

1) Skip the padded bras

Padding is often thick and allows less air to pass through. When you wear padded bras in summer, you land up with sweat soaked bras.

So if you want to remain cool this summer, lock up all your padded bras and opt to wear unlined bras or even sports bras.

2) Consider wearing open-weave knits

An open-weave knit allow the air to pass through and keeps you cool.

3) Opt for natural fibers

Avoid all forms of synthetic fabric as they only trap the heat. Instead choose lightweight cotton and other natural fibered fabric.

4) Take hot showers

As crazy as it may sound to you, taking hot showers is the best way to bring down the temperature of your body.

Taking a cold shower is only going to make you cool temporarily and as a matter of fact only raise the body temperature internally.

5) Avoid reusing worn garments

It might be a great way to save on doing laundry by wearing what you’ve already worn. But even a short while in an outfit can leave behind little sweat, dirt, grime and even dead skin cells that make the fabric clogged and less breathable.

So toss your clothes in the machine after each use so that the fabric remains breathable and allows air to enter.

6) Keep hair away from your neck

Use a bandana or scarf to keep the hair away from your neck. We usually start sweating near our necks, so why not keep the sweat away with the stylish element of wearing a scarf or a bandana.

7) Use side sling bags and not back packs

Carrying a heavy backpack on your back is only going to leaving you feeling all hot and sweaty.

Of course the less you carry the better you will feel. So carry aside sling bag that doesn’t stick to your body as much as a bag on your back.

8) Wear socks

Our feet contain the maximum sweat glands as compared to the other parts of our body. So instead of ruining your shoes with sweat, it is always better to wear socks to absorb the sweat and keep your feet cool and away from the heat.

9) Cover up

As much as you would like to strip and feel cool in the hot summer month, you will land up damaging your skin and also increasing your internal body temperature.

So stay cool and protected, by wearing covered lose fitted clothing.

10) Avoid clothes with embellishments

Embellishments only add to the weight and thickness of the garment, making you feel more stifled and hot in the heat. So wear clothes with thin fabrics and nothing on them so as to let the air pass in.

11) Wear light colors

As our moms have always told us, dark colored clothes attract heat. So stick to light shades like white, peach, baby pink and any other color that suits your fancy.

Never wear black, brown or other dark colors that trap the heat.

12) Avoid wearing jewelry

As much as you love jewelry, try to avoid wearing them. Earrings are fine as they don’t touch your skin. But jewelry like necklaces, bracelets etc… all cover the major cooling points of your body. So avoid unless you want the metals to heat your body.

13) Try to carry your own shade

You should try to get out of the sun as much as possible. So if you can’t find shade, you should create your own with stylish accessories like hats, umbrellas or scarves.

14) Keep your clothes loose

You might look stylish in tight figure fitting clothes, but trust me if you switch over to loose and flowing outfits you feel much cooler, especially as if the air in coming through.

The less the fabric touches your skin, the better you will feel.

15) Wear unlined jackets

If you must wear a jacket then make sure it is unlined. The thicker the garment the more it traps heat and blocks out the air.

Follow these simple styling tips to feel cooler in summer.

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