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14 Questions to Interview an Event Planner

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros
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By: Don Zilleri

In my other article, I explained the qualities and responsibilities of an event planner. But does every event planner  own these qualification? It is the event organizer’s responsibility to review and interview the event planner before hiring and committing. Entrusting the event in the hand of an stranger is a difficult decision. Event planning involves a wide range tasks and communicating the event’s detail and expectations before hand is the responsibility of both event organizer and the event planner. To hire and employ a perfect match and the best candidate event planner, ask the following questions;

1- What style of events you managed and planned?

Find out the other and earlier experiences. If needing an expert planner for a local sport team event, an applicant whose experience is in wedding planning is not a suitable candidate. When interviewing potential expert planners, the first question should relate to their knowledge and experience directed to the event in application.

2- How early should you start planning?

Convey the starting time of the planning to manage the necessities and be on schedule.

3- Do you work alone or as a team?

This question directly relates to the event’s prerequisite. An extensive event necessitate a team of planners to work together. Choose from suitable candidate who work only in team. The other way is to choose among the skilled candidates and put a team together. This method entails hiring knowledge to pick perfect characters among the candidate who can present the best result under a teamwork effort.

4- Do you work with other professionals?

A single event needs a help of different service professionals. In earlier article, I gave an example of a wedding, which required Photographers, hair dressers, makeup artists, DJ and entertainers, flower artists, limousine company and drivers, caterers, contractors, and printing shops graphic artists. The list can vary based on the event’s model. In most cases, event planners work directly with these professionals and have pre-selected a crew. Hire a candidate with a crew on hand. It reduces the cost and timing to find individual professional one at a time. Communicate the detail of the event and the need for each profession.

5- How much is your fee?

The most important question is the question of affordability. An event expert offer a price quote based on the extent of the event, number of crew members, and time and length of planning. The main reason to hire an event planner is to reduce the burden of responsibilities and leave the managing and planning in the hands of a professional. Communicate the budget assigned for the event and negotiate the terms.

6- Is the fee included for other professionals?

The term of agreement must be apparent. Ask if the fees in the agreement includes the other professional crew member and list each and their detail of responsibility in the agreement.

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7- Is your business licensed?

Since many people view planning as a hobby, although may be skillful and experience in this field, but might not registered a business with license.

8- To what extend are you going to be involved in planning?

Sometimes, the candidate is the representative of a team of planners. It is useful to ask how involved is the person in the interview.

9- Will you be attending the event?

Based on the event’s model, sometimes event planner does not attend the event and just helps with planning it. But a planner who is devoted to the job, will oversee the planning and take part in the actual event for assurance.

10- How you dealt with an event that went wrong?

This is particularly a great communication and introduces the organizer with the planner’s business ethics.

11- What related skills do you possess other than event planning?

In an earlier article, How to become an event planner, I mentioned that to gain a better knowledge of the event planning field, a person must go through methods of training in assorted professions related to event planning. This comes handy if during an event, makeup artist, handyman or other professionals need an extra hand.

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12- How can you meet my expectations?

Other then the event, an event planner, manages the event organizer. Communicate and lay down the expectations and personal needs to reduce miscommunication and disagreement.

13- Will you work with my idea or give me yours?

This question will familiarize the organizer with the planner’s devotion and how far they’d go to do the job.

14- Why do I need to choose you to plan this event?

Test the candidate and get the best answer that satisfy the need of the event. This is a great question to ask why they deserve the business. What they do that differentiates their service from other planners?

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