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1,2,3 Adventure..

By Lollicious @lollicious
We have had a weekend of shopping, food, present buying and wrapping and adventure.
We caught only our third bus, and it was a successful trip, we went to Newmarket and shopped.. We finished all the present buying and it was a huge relief.
1,2,3 Adventure.. 1,2,3 Adventure..
1,2,3 Adventure..Meanwhile has the weather in Brisbane gone crazy, its jumper and blankey weather
1,2,3 Adventure..This Ultra 3 color is cheering and makes me smile
1,2,3 Adventure..This is the beautiful weather we have been having, bizarre..
1,2,3 Adventure..Long sunny days till 8:30pm
1,2,3 Adventure..My poor beautiful sister had her wisdom teeth out, I sent her these to cheer her.
1,2,3 Adventure..We ate these on Saturday from our second fav bakery on sat, nom nom
1,2,3 Adventure..I sat reading this, bliss
1,2,3 Adventure..I bought this Mac eyeshadow, I love it.. nude and sparkly
1,2,3 Adventure..Isn't our tree cheery and all the presents so much love
1,2,3 Adventure..Do you like my gem encrusted nails
1,2,3 Adventure..I love the color and gems
1,2,3 Adventure..Presents....
1,2,3 Adventure..One of my stripey new tops...
1,2,3 Adventure..Love it with my dark jeans
1,2,3 Adventure..Glassons TopGlassons Dark JeansH&M Blazer
1,2,3 Adventure..Oh how I miss this little face
1,2,3 Adventure..Lights and all, I love the decorations, presents and Christmas cheer

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