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12 Things You Can Always Find In My Fridge

By Brisdon @shutuprun
For some reason, I love to hear about what other runners/endurance athletes eat. Maybe it's to get ideas, maybe it's because I'm bored, maybe it's because I want to improve my own diet. Whatever the case, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into what's in my fridge. Although I try new recipes each week, I tend to go back to the same staples. And, with these ingredients, I can pretty much concoct a healthy meal at any time.

12 Things You Can Always Find In My Fridge

This is my actual fridge. Guess what's in the white bowl?

1. Spinach - I buy the huge plastic tub of organic spinach. We eat a lot of it raw, but I also put it in soups, sauté it with some garlic salt, and add it to eggs. My new favorite breakfast is two scrambled eggs with a huge handful of sautéed spinach, topped with some grated white cheddar cheese and hot sauce.
2. Eggs - I cannot live without my eggs. I eat them almost every day. If not for breakfast, then egg salad for lunch or quiche for dinner. So satisfying. I tried to talk Ken into letting me get a chicken coop for the backyard. I don't know why he said no.

Image result for chicken coop

This is an actual chicken coop. Look how fancy they are these days

3. Sharp White Cheddar Cheese - This is what goes on top of my egg concoctions. Or, just in my mouth in huge chunks. The best version of this is Dubliner, found at Costco. Trust me on this.
Image result for dubliner cheese

4. Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing - I have never, until now, been able to nail down a salad dressing that I consistently love. This one is simply the best. Yeah, so maybe it's not organic or gluten free or vegan or in the super healthy category, but I DGAF (don't give a f*ck). It's good and it goes on everything. It even has high fructose corn syrup in it (okay, that's gross. I actually didn't know that until I just looked at the ingredient list), but it's still good.
Image result for olive garden signature italian dressing

5. Kalamata Olives - I will eat any kind of olive, my favorite being huge ones stuffed with blue cheese (preferably in a dirty martini), but if I am making my everyday kale salad, I love the salty, earthy taste of the kalamatas.
6. Shaved Mesquite Turkey - So, I know deli meat is not supposedly good for us (shit, another thing I love bites the dust), but I do crave protein, especially after runs and I like to just grab a bit of turkey, It satisfies! I like the shaved version just because I do. Might be a texture thing.
7. Feta Cheese - Maybe it's because I lived in Greece, maybe it's because it's just damn good - but I like feta cheese on all of my salads, in my eggs and I use it in many recipes (like this one and this one). I can't find much wrong with it - there is just something about the saltiness and the texture.
8. Wine - Duh. I don't really eat sweets so this is my vice. For example, I asked Ken to stop and get me wine on his way home last night. He came in with SIX large bottles of chardonnay and one small bottle and said, "I hope this gets you through Halloween." He's kidding! Or not. My economical choice is Woodbridge.
Image result for woodbridge wine

9. Kale - Kale is my go-to salad base. I like how sturdy and full of flavor it is. Yes, sometimes it can be like chewing on a tree trunk, but I enjoy that it has some body and pizzazz. Plus, it's good for you, until someone three years from now tells me it's not. I also like putting it into my soups and sometimes roasting it.
10. Half and Half - My friends laugh at how obsessed I am by putting half and half in my coffee. It is a very serious thing for me and I need a lot of it. I still like the taste of the coffee to shine through, but I just love the creaminess that he half and half lends to my daily cup.
11. Leftovers - I cook from scratch 90% of the time and we always have some kind of leftovers. Leftover are the bomb. I even love leftover soggy salad.
12. Frank's Hot Sauce - I like my food to have a *pop* so I tend to drizzle Frank's on a lot of things from my eggs to my burrito bowls to my ice cream (just kidding, wanted to make sure you are paying attention). It's my fave. And it doesn't even have corn syrup in it!!
Image result for franks hot sauce

So, there you have it. The ultimate ingredient list for your fridge.
Tell me ONE thing you always have in your fridge. Or, more if you want.

How do you take your coffee? Naked? With half and half? As a colonic?

Contest: Whoever guess what's in the white bowl in my fridge will get a prize. Hint: it's not poop.


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