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12 Night Garden Plants

By Sowanddipity @Sowanddipity
12 Night Garden Plants

If you work long days or are just a night owl, then maintaining a beautiful garden that could only be enjoyed during the daylight hours won't work for you.

In this article, I will share with you 12 Night Garden Plants that bloom, give off fragrance or simply glow in the moonlight; perfect for those of you who prefer enjoying their outdoor spaces after the sun goes down.

I realize that some of us don't get to garden... or simply don't have the time to do it. But you deserve to benefit from the therapeutic effects of flowering fragrances and the sight of beautiful blossoms too!

So if your favorite elixir is an evening glass of wine over a morning cup of coffee (heck, I love both!) then read on for some great options that will work for you.

Plants for Showy White Flowers

White flowers seem to glow at night. A full moon makes them pop in the garden but even the slightest bit of light can make them come alive. Try planting these four with their big spectacular blooms....

Hibiscus 'White Chiffon' (Rose of Sharon)

Large white flowers that deter deer and attracts butterflies.

Hydrangea Arboresens 'Incrediball'

HUGE white pompom like flowers on sturdy stems.

Showy white flowers on this beautiful climber.

Prolific blooming annual perfect for containers and baskets.

Plants for Night Fragrance

Some plants are just more fragrant at night. In fact, they attract moths and other nocturnal pollinators when the sun goes down. Never thought of moths as evening butterflies did you?

Many people know about Moonflowers (Ipomea Alba) that are vigorous climbers. They open during the night then close when the sun rises. They have a scent and are available in blue's, purples and red as well. Here are some other scented night garden plants....

White lilacs have the most intense fragrance and glow at night.

Mock Orange ( Philadelphus Coronarius )

Extremely fragrant shrub with pretty white flowers.

Let's off its fragrant scent in the late afternoon and evening. Fragrant Cloud is one of the most highly scented.

This night bloomer attracts moths and nocturnal bee's. It's fragrance is enjoyed whilst strolling the garden under the moonlight.

Plants with Brightly Patterned Foliage

I always tell people to choose plants for their gardens that have colorful foliage. Flowers only last a short period of time then you have a green plant for the rest of the year. Not only will you enjoy color in your garden during the day, you can enjoy these as night garden plants as well.

Every year new introductions are on the market. From absolutely huge leaved varieties to the tiniest adorable ones, they come in an array of gorgeous colors and will brighten up the shade AND the evening with their pretty foliage.

Artemisia Stellerianna (Dusty Miller)

This velvety soft plant looks amazing tucked in beds against dark foliage.

Stachys Byzantina (Lambs Ears)

This plant has a silvery hue in the moonlight and you can't help but pet its soft leaves.

A tropical plant that prefers shade. Known also as Elephants ears, it comes in many colors but white works best for night gardens.

Don't forget lighting! Candles set the mood or you can check out my post on DIY Garden Lights:

12 Night Garden Plants

I've got a post coming up in the next couple of weeks for a very cool outdoor chandelier, I can't wait to share it!

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12 Night Garden Plants

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