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11 Things I Am Loving Right Now

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

I am one of those people that get’s obsessed and fixates on things. Whether it’s shit I am dealing with in my own life, a product I am loving, or something I really want- I become addicted.

Example: Gingerale. I have become 100% obsessed with gingerale. It’s not because I like soda even, because I actually hate soda. Yet, when it comes to ginger (as I call it), I just can’t get enough.

With that said, I decided to share with you all some other things that I am quite enthusiastic about.

spring 2013 trends

1. Brian Lichtenberg is pretty much a fashion genius, and I am seriously bursting with love (not kidding) over this Feline Meow sweatshirt. It’s obviously a play on words for Celine, and I dig that kind of stuff. Please please please tell me where it’s sold, I can’t find it anywhere. 

2. Beanies, beanies, and more beanies. My head has been quite pleased with all the attention it’s been getting… I literally can’t stop wearing beanies (inspired by the babe below). As you read above, I love a good play on words, and I am drooling over this Homies, in the likes of Hermes, beanie

3. Blue and green lashes with colored Great Lash mascara. It’s subtle, yet different, which is right up my alley.

4. Chunky shoes is where it’s at these days, mostly due to the nineties revival that is driving me crazyyy. Next purchase when the paycheck arrives? These chunky strapped booties. To die.

5. The one, the only, Cara Delevingne. She’s cooky with an epic sense of style. Style icon of the moment for sure (hence the beanie fetish).

6. Marie Claire. Why? Because I love the magazine and because they recently contacted me about a really awesome opportunity  Which I will tell you more about later… promise.

7. My lips have been pretty chapped lately, but this EoS Strawberry Sorbet lip balm has been a delicious life saver for my pucker.

8. Teeny tiny rings are my new thing… I still stay true to all my big chunkers, but right now I am feeling something a bit more mellow. This little dainty ring set hasn’t left my fingers since I got ‘em.

9. I am absolutely in love with this black and white midriff dress. Midriff and vertical stripes, need I say more? I just got it and haven’t had the chance to wear it yet, as I am a weirdo who has to find the perfect event for everything I own.

10. Kidrobot yummy and breakfast collection is probably my weirdest, and biggest, obsession right now. Something about the fact of not knowing which one your gonna get is so fun to me, and no matter what I get it’s always so cute. Heidi Kenney is seriously so amazing, I really want to be her friend

11. Last, but not least, some iPhone pop art using iMadeFace. Basically what you do is make your own (very customizable) pop art. I made my own version of Daria and Andy Warhol (if you couldn’t already tell).


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