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101 Guide of Photography - By A Beginner For The Beginners

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc
101 Guide of Photography - By A Beginner For The Beginners

Photography Lessons for A Beginner

I-Would-Not-Sugar-Coat-It because I am just fed up of not been able to get a perfect picture that lives up to my expectations. I have decided why not put a column here at Shopping, Style and Us to make sure I have the tips and tricks handy as I learn, pass and fail during the course of knowledge transfer from pro photographers.
You are welcome to share your opinion, experience and tips and tricks as well so we all can learn.
Let's read a quote before we continue that appears to have been said by a camera  - "Something we value above all else is freedom to create your own vision that is what makes it work" - tripwiremagazine
Let's jump ahead -
10 This Were Required Before I Began To Learn Photography :
1. A Camera
2. Camera Manual.
3. Reason why I was interested in photography. My reason was/is blogging, taking sharp and beautiful pictures for blog.
4. Light - Natural/Artificial (I was supposed to feel it through your eyes and not see it!!)
5. Aperture Settings - What is Aperture? "f" number is the aperture.
6.  ISO Level - in 600D the button near shutter button written ISO.
7. Shutter Speed - The digits shown like this 1/125.
8. Interest and Passion
9. An Object - It can be anything. 10. Don't under estimate yourself. Believe in Yourself.
General FAQ I was/am curious about!
 Q. Aperture, Shutter and ISO A. 3 Important Terms in Lessons of Photography - Read More [found it through cameratips]
 Q. Bad, blurred and poor picture quality in night?  A. Increase the ISO level to 400 something. You will see a difference in picture quality. Please note that raising ISO results in noisy picture quality. However, if you are in night time concerts, parties etc where you are expecting "Kodak Moments" and dark surroundings increased ISO level give you beautiful, grainy pictures.
Q. My Canon600D (bought on Flipkart) suddenly started taking dark pictures in low light and nothing was working, we tried everything. It might be or might not be camera's fault. But I did something that worked (a work around as I still want it to be checked by the Canon reps).
A. I set the mode to M (Manual Mode) (Shutter Speed: 1/125, ISO400), switched the mode to AV to set the aperture (Se it to f2.8). It took a perfect picture!

Picture taken with Canon 600D


Picture taken with Canon 600D

After - Using 50mm-f1.8 lens

I had been searching Google to solve my problem with dark pictures, and these articles helped me achieve this image quality-
Photography Tip and Tricks by GhostParties
Increase the ISO to higher if it is darker. I set it to 400 inside room during night under artificial lights. 100 during sunny days indoors.

Photo Basics Lesson # 3 Master Your Camera's Shooting Modes by Improve Photography
But since you’re still learning, the best option for the next few months is to get comfortable shooting in aperture priority mode 100% of the time.

M Manual Mode by Safari Books Online
Shooting in Manual mode is a great way to learn about how ISO, aperture, and shutter speed affect your exposure.
I am still dealing with a problem with shutter-button that clicks a little late and sometime I have to fight with it and scream - PLEASE CLICK THE PHOTO! Eventually it does but will get it checked too. Apart from this -

Few things that every person who has passion in photography must have -

1. Tripod - Cheap ones will do for the time being - I received one with the Flipkart purchase.
2. Monopod - Rest b/w your knees and take some good pictures - I need to buy one.
3.White Box - You can easily DIY with white cloth and a brown box. Earlier I felt its need badly but now I am ok. However, it does create a nice canvas for objects and keeping one would not harm.
4. Camera Remote - Oh my! I need it big time! and you need it too!
This post is not left here! I will keep updating as I learn more in this area. In the meanwhile-

Please share your tips, important purchases when it comes to photography and about your camera.

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