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10 Things to Be Carried to Workplace!

By Sahi
      Its time for many to join the new world of corporate and many would have already joined too. There may be confusions on what to carry for the initial few days. Here is a checklist of what to be carried.
1.Make sure you carry a comfortable hand bag or a backpack.
2.On the very first day do not forget to carry the essential documents ( 10th,12th , sem wise mark sheets)
3.Always have extra photos with you.
4.carry a pen and a handy scribble pad.
5.Have a list of important contacts separately (in case u loose your mobile this will b of use)
6.carry ur money in 2 different places not a single wallet wit all the cash in it.( in case u loose your wallet the money u have kept on the other place will come off use.)
7.carry a wet tissue.
8.moisturising lotions,lip balms.
9.carry a comb
10.carry paper soap or face wash.
11.dont forget to carry some medicines or pain balms.(immediate relief for head ache)
12.carry an extra plastic bag. pins.
14.always carry a nutrition bar.

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