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10 Things That Annoy Me About Running

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Just like no one is perfect (not even Kate Middleton – hello barfing Dutchess!), no activity is perfect either. This includes running.  But, I certainly don’t want to stop running just because there are some unpleasant side effects (just like I don’t want to stop eating just because it makes me poop). Viola the list:

1. Chafing. Then bleeding and screaming in the shower.Yes, I know that’s what Body Glide is for.

10 Things That Annoy Me About Running

No, this is not the kind of chafing I’m talking about

2. Trots, Sharts and Farts. Your insides get jostled causing all kinds of unexpected and embarrassing noises and smells. I have talked about this ad nauseum on this blog so I won’t go into anymore detail about crapping oneself or uncontrollable farting while running. It’s just part of it for some (most) of us.

10 Things That Annoy Me About Running

3. Breathing. It’s hard to do.

4. Not cheap. Running’s supposed to be cheap (and basic and simple!), but it’s not. This is probably user error. I could find a way to run more cheaply. I could skip races, I could refuse to buy gels, chomps and GUs, I could forgo massages and gym memberships. Hell, I could just run naked and shoeless down the street and call it a day. But, I don’t, so for me it will remain pricey.

5. Always More To Do. There is always one more PR to strive for, one more race distance to do. This is also the beauty of running. There is always more to learn, do and strive for.

6. The “Other” Crap. There’s all this other stuff you have to do to become a stronger runner. Core work, strength training, cross training, stretching, ice baths, supplements, magic potions.


Me doing my first ice bath ever. Good times.

7. Dogs chase you.

8. Cold then Hot. You’re cold when you start and wear too much then get hot.

9. Overload. There is too much confusing information and research about the best running form, shoes, training plans, etc. (take this article that just came out for example). That’s why I am on a mission to find what works for me and stick to it.

10. Camel Toe.

Anything that annoys you about running or do you love every stinking thing?


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