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10 Spring Cleaning Checklist Items

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

Aside from days spent frolicking in the snow, you probably weathered the majority of winter indoors. Although spring's warm temperatures beg you to finally get outside, there's one thing you have to finish first: spring cleaning.

10 Spring Cleaning Checklist Items

The world around you is renewing itself - baby birds, blossoming flowers, green leaves - so it's the perfect time to give your space a sprucing. All you need is the following 10-item checklist to guide you so that your home is glowing just like you'll be when that warm, springtime sun hits your face for the first time.

  1. Ceilings and Walls: This is an interesting place to start for most house cleaners, as ceilings and walls often get overlooked on day-to-day cleaning checklists. However, these areas can gather unseen dust and allergens, so it's imperative to put them on your spring-cleaning checklist this year. A vacuum can aid you in this task, especially with a hose that can reach into ceiling corners.
  2. Carpets: Unlike your walls and ceilings, a vacuum won't suffice for carpets. Instead, rent a carpet cleaner or hire a professional to deep-clean your carpets this spring. Think about it: You've spent the past three seasons walking over them in sandy flip-flops, muddy boots, and icy snow shoes. It's time for a really good cleaning.
  3. Windows: Another classic spring-cleaning task is window washing. All you need to do is make your own window-washing solution that's equal parts water and vinegar. Then, wipe your windows with a microfiber cloth or even a sheet of newspaper in order to leave behind a streak-free finish. If you have them - and if you plan on opening your windows this spring or summer - wash down your screens and launder your window treatments, too.
  4. Baseboards: This bit of detail makes your home look more polished until it starts to gather too much dust and dirt. Bring your baseboards back to life with a thorough dusting, whether it's with a vacuum or damp cloth. Then, once your baseboards are dry, try a little trick to keep them dirt-free for longer: Wipe them with a dryer sheet, which works to repel everything from dust to dog hair.
  5. Countertops and Tile: If your stone countertops don't have the same water-repellent power as they used to, this spring is as good a time as any to reseal them. The same goes for tile, both backsplash, and bathroom: If you're seeing lots of holes and cracks in the grout, reseal it, too. Your tile will look updated with just a few touch-ups.
    10 Spring Cleaning Checklist Items
  6. Shelves and Tabletops: Spring cleaning isn't the time to do an around-the-knick-knacks dusting. Instead, take everything off and dust it with a feather duster or other tool that's sure to catch and hold all the dust accrued over the winter. You can also take this time to clean the shelves and tables that you've dusted with wood polish or glass cleaner so that they really shine.
  7. Metal Hardware and Doorknobs: Get down to brass tacks, literally: The hardware in your house might be looking shabby this spring. Depending on the finish you choose for your space, this could be a simple or more involved task. However, you'll need either liquid polish or a stronger paste to tackle these no-longer-shining surfaces. Afterward, however, your kitchen and bathroom will look extra clean.
  8. Upholstered Furniture: You and your family got pretty cozy with the couch during the cold-weather months. Take its cushions outside - as well as the movable cushions on any other pieces of upholstered furniture in your home - and gently hit them to release dust. Use a vacuum to clean the unmovable parts, especially the area beneath the seat cushions. You're sure to find plenty of holiday cookie crumbs, popcorn kernels and coins down there.
  9. Appliances: Your dishwasher and oven work hard for you, and they do their best work when they're in tip-top shape. After running your oven on its clean cycle, use cleaner to eliminate any stuck-on stains or residue. Then, run your dishwasher without any dishes except a single bowl or glass filled with vinegar on the top shelf. After you've handled these two, you can also scour your microwave, stovetop and any other kitchen appliance that might need its own spring cleaning.
  10. Fire Prevention: Finally, spring cleaning is a great chance to make sure that all of your family's fire safety measures are still functioning. Test your fire detector each year at this time and replace its batteries if necessary. You can also review your fire evacuation plan and safety rules so that everyone is on the same page and ready for a happy, healthy year.
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Happy Cleaning!

10 Spring Cleaning Checklist Items

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