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10 Pet Peeves of the Week

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I’m not saying I’m going to make this a regular post, because I really do try to not whine, bitch and complain my way through life. But, sometimes a girl’s got to vent.

I hate it when:

  1. The person ahead of me at Starbucks not only orders a complicated drink with nine million components, but she also has to have it a certain TEMPERATURE. “I’ll take a Venti, no- whip double two pump hazelnut latte with one raw sugar and one Splenda and a splash of urine. Oh, and it needs to be 140 degrees.” (I’m not kidding. Well, maybe about the urine).
  2. I have been up since 5:00 a.m. working, training, driving little people places, cleaning, and sweating. I ask a child of mine to do ONE thing like clean out the dishwasher and you would think I asked them to take a machete and cut down the jungle from here to the South Pole. {There is a great article about this very issue HERE – read it and tell me what you think}.
  3. I order some new Saucony shoes online. I always wear a size 9 running shoe (size 8 regular shoe). The shoes are small. Way too small. Now I have to pay to ship them back.
  4. The vet leaves a VOICE MAIL telling me my dog is in kidney failure. I’m surprised she didn’t text.
  5. No amount of deodorant keeps me from smelling in the 100 degree heat.
  6. CNN or some other news source splashes Olympic results everywhere and no matter how hard I try not to see them until I actually watch the event tonight, it always gets spoiled.
  7. I am making my way into the grocery line with my cart. Someone else approaches at the exact same time. They cut in front of me, making no eye contact. Happened twice this week. What do I do? In a very mature voice I tell no one in particular, “Oh, yeah, THAT’S FINE. Just get in front of me and don’t even bother to look at me or say thank you.”
  8. I take a bike ride early this morning with my group. I return to my car and get in forgetting my helmet is on. I crack my head on the side of the car as I get in. Good thing I was wearing a helmet.
  9. I wake up with a zit on my nose the size of Peru. How old am I? Didn’t I earn the right to be beyond this stage?
  10. People say or text or email “totes” for “totally.”

Yes I’m sweating the small stuff for a moment. Don’t get all down on me for not being grateful. The moral of the story is that I am perfect and everyone else is flawed. Or, perhaps it is the other way around. Yeah, it’s the other way around.

Do you still get zits? Do you find shoe sizes vary per brand? What deodorant do you wear?  Do your kids give you flack?  TOTES!

What’s your pet peeve this week?


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