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10 Best Web Conferencing Software [#7 is My Favorite]

Posted on the 02 March 2017 by Rahulthepcl

Anyone who works on a global level must understand the importance of meetings being key to meaningful partnerships. And these meetings sometimes have to be held in environments where the participants are not in the same room. The most vital point at this moment is that every person is focused and engaged.
The best way to do this is by using a video conferencing service. There are a wide variety of options available that can suit your needs. Some applications allow you to pass control to others so that the meeting can go on without interruptions.

10 Best Web Conferencing Software [#7 is My Favorite]

Here's a pick of ten applications that will provide you everything you need to have a robust video conferencing experience: It has a free plan that has a limited number of features but is good enough to cater to small or single - employed companies. The services are scalable depending on the number of hosts and attendees you need. Once you've signed up, the service is easy to use. The singing up part is the one that's tricky. Plus its pricing is presented in a confusing way. You can bundle your favorite services together based on what you need, including the training and support centers. It offers a limited free plan and a free trial of its paid versions.Use PureCloud Collaborate for an easy desktop, web and mobile access to your video conferencing needs. It has an excellent design that is clean and comfortable to use. A little bit on the pricey side, Adobe is a highly customizable meeting space where you're not required to submit your payment information until you're satisfied that the product works for you. Your requirements are mostly likely going to be a service that is user-friendly and easy on the pocket. ClickMeeting does that for you. It is easy to use and has a free trial that does not require your credit card information. The best part is that you dot need to create a login or download anything to use this application. Share your documents and presentation. If you're using Chrome, you can even share your screen. A dynamic web conferencing tool, Meeting Burner has a free web conferencing plan that lets you meet up with ten people at once. It has all the capabilities that are offered by its paid plans. You can't upload your files to your conference or make notes on the whiteboard in the free version, though.
Join.Me has a generous free plan that is cost efficient and displays up to 10 video streams at once. It has a neo age interface that is easy to use and enhances your online meeting experience like no other.
However, Ring Central offers some very nice features, and both the desktop and mobile app are easy to use. In addition to video conferencing, it provides VoIP, voice mail and faxing services.
Users also get a messaging and collaborations tool in addition to audio and video conferencing.
Here is a simple way to meet, collaborate and share in a whole new way. You get everything you need in once place. Sharing has never been easier because you can feed things into your computer and generate ideas fast.
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There are some features that you are unlikely to find on other live conferencing tools including having the other person call you rather than calling in yourself.
It provides you with integrated text and video chats including group chats. If you want you can have a shared documents repository and the Roadmap feature can be used to add more features to your existing plan rapidly.
There is no dial-in numbers feature available but has a VoIP service for all your conferencing needs. Adobe Connect is easy to sue conferencing software that has very generous features.
It provides an array of visual tools such as video chat and desktop or document sharing. It's a dependable service that works most of the time smoothly, without any glitches in connection.
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It is affordable and easy to handle although it does not support any phone calls. The conference lines are not toll-free, but that's a minor hurdle instead of what the software does offer you.
Click Meeting is versatile and perfect for your video conferencing services when running a small business.
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The group organization is slightly flaky, and sometimes you might find a few creations tools buried in admin panel. However, PureCloud Collaboration aims to provide you with all the services required at your fingertips and will have everything organized to keep you in touch with your esteemed clients.
It offers VoIP calling and has an easy interface, so you don't have to be muddled when important calls come your way. Top 10 Best Webinar Software for Hassle Free Online Meetings
It doesn't have too much going on with it. You can host any number of meetings and meet for as long as you need to.
Although you can share your discussions with the other attendees. If you're looking for a straightforward and free online meeting solution, Meeting Burner is a good option. It offers you audio conferencing options so you can speak directly to individual participants.
You can't think of online video conferencing and not mention Skype. The service is incredibly easy to use and can be effortless to call other users and have a video chat.
Skype is a consumer video conferencing and VoIP service. So Microsoft teamed up with Lync to provide you Skype for Business. This one hits the weak spot for small businesses and comes with robust video conferencing capabilities. Give it a look even if you're happy with what you're currently using.
Fuze has the free plan that is ideal for small businesses. You don't need to have a large budget to incorporate this one into your online collaborations. It allows up to 25 participants in a single meeting.
You get 1 GB of free storage cloud to keep your important documents and presentation files. It's not even difficult to download the application. Enter your contact information and download Fuze. Then invite your participants, and you can host a meeting in no time.
The free web plan that Go To Meeting offers is similar to Cisco WebEx. It offers a full tray of tools but doesn't support more than three attendees per meeting.
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