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The Real Superfoods

By Tatiannalovingfit @lovingfit

Superfoods, Food Matters


After doing hours of digging around on the net, I came to discover how many websites claim certain foods ase Superfoods ( such as red wine, avocados, dark chocolate, nuts, green leafy veggies, tomatoes, fruits etc ). What I didn’t find is the scientific evidence proving that those foods are Superfoods.

Recently I saw an amazing documentary that helped me learn more about what Superfoods really are. It also talks a lot about nutrition as medicine and pharmaceutical companies have been spreading the wrong word to the public. People who are part of this documentary are doctors and scientists. It’s called ” Food Matters” (if  you  like you can find out about the film and here ).

I also found a book written by David Wolfe, called Superfoods ” The Food and Medicine of the Future ” that actually contains a detailed scientific evidence of the Real Super Foods and these are the top 10:

• Goji berries
• Cacao
• Maca
• Bee Products (Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Propolis)
• Spirulina
• AFA Blue-Green Algae
• Marine Phytoplankton
• Aloe Vera
• Hemp Seed
• Coconuts

In his book David clearly points out the distinctions between a “Superfood” and just “Food”
Superfoods are more medicinal and supplemental than standard fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and have to be consumed in small amounts.

This is an example of eating real Superfoods vs just Food:

If you eat 3 bars of dark chocolate ( is supposedly claimed as super food ) – the only thing that will happen to you is insulin spike and sugar rush. But if you eat a whole bag of Raw Cacao beans ( the real Super Food ) you will get a fever from nutrient overdose. This is why only small amounts should be taken.

I’ve been doing some experimenting of my own, besides from the foods above I found these amazing Berries which I wrote about in my earlier post ” Mulberry “. I’ve been eating Mulberry an hour before my workout, it gives me this incredible amount of pure energy, unlike caffeine or anything else I’ve tried.

Since the opening of, I’ve developed an even bigger passion for Nutrition and Fitness, especially from all of the positive comments and emails some of you sent me.

I’m going to keep on learning more about the real Superfoods,  their benefits and I will be posting it here on my blog.

PS – I am also going to keep on expanding Exercise Archive and I will be posting Workout Videos of how I stay in shape.


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