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May Love List

By Nadine
20 of the things I'm loving right now:

  1. My brand new white Blackberry with spring green case - so light and fun

  2. Back to teaching

  3. My studio space

  4. My mom for all her support and the amazing work she's done in the yard

  5. The extra time in my days - it is great to have a much more flexible schedule

  6. Vegan Italiano, a fabulous cookbook

  7. Good times with good friends

  8. Season finale time - I admit I totally get sucked into shows I don't regularly watch

  9. The way when you really ask for something it sort of falls in your lap, whether you're ready for it or not...more on this one later

  10. The rain - I admit I love the cleansing power of the rain

  11. Balancing being a Yoga student with being a Yoga teacher

  12. Exploring and expanding my meditation and spiritual practices

  13. Being chosen as one of the top 100 Yoga blogs of 2011 by

  14. Helping to organize a fabulous 108 Sun Salutations fundraiser - more coming soon!

  15. Lazy Sundays

  16. Coconut Bliss

  17. My lovable, cuddly cat

  18. How smoothly my body moves when I move it regularly

  19. That feeling of sweet inner calm and peace, even when it's sometimes fleeting

  20. Honoring who I am and worrying less about who I was and who I will be

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