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Zuckerberg Manage Its Own Purchasing Instagram

Posted on the 20 April 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u
Zuckerberg manage its own Purchasing Instagram
According to sources from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bid price Instagram than $ 2 billion to $ 1 billion without the involvement of bankers and the ranks of directional Facebook itself. 
Not long ago Facebook shocked the world of technology by acquiring Instagram worth $ 1 billion, even more surprising because of the price desired by Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom reach $ 2 billion. During three days of negotiations, Zuckerberg can bargain the price by half, but how could he do that without the directors of the company? Zuckerberg controls the voting rights of 57 percent up even just to tell him about this deal, did not consult the board of directors. 
The board of directors was informed about this deal on 8 April, a day before the world knew the news was shocking. Zuckerberg began negotiations on April 5, by calling Systrom and invited him from San Francisco to Palo Alto. Reported Zuckerberg Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg informed about this decision, but Sandberg did not participate in negotiations with Systrom. 
Zuckerberg interested in the user's mobile photo applications whose development is very rapid. 2 days prior to the purchase of Instagram, they just released the Android version of the application, adding 10 million new users in just 10 days.
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