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How to Maintain Between Gadgets And Family

Posted on the 09 July 2015 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u
By 09 July 2015 Share : How to Maintain Between Gadgets And Family It is seem bunch of gadgets rolls out till today. Either low-spec and the high-spec ones. There are many brands to be elected. It is made us mixed feelings to buy while thinking our budget. Those who afford will get it straightly. What about those who kept or planned  to get their dream's gadget by saving money consistently per month. Since we got our dream's gadget, are we thought tomaintain between our family's bonding and our gadget? Yes, we must take it seriously. I was thinking what really happened  nowadays while the gadgets are being a priority to us.
I applaud the technology of smartphones and tabs are growing so fast. It is really a huge evolution from Nokia's phone era to android-based smartphone platform. Could you imagine how it looks when the glorious era of Nokia's phone trends long years ago? Not much of us afford or tend to own while we still choose the Payphone or Fixed line phone as a platform to keep in touch. Furthermore there is no social media maniac at the time. Therefore, we still keep bond in between family. Could you imagine again, what if the Facebook and android has coming 20 years ago? Are we still keep concerning our family especially our children and spouse?. So with the latest technology and social media platform that we had today, we must really think what are the consequences of lack of attention towards our family by using gadget that we used.
I am not saying that gadgets is the barrier of our life today, but we have to keep in mind that, gadgets is not everything and family is a matter. I was emphasized to us by maintaining between our family bonding and gadgets, we will keep a good well-being. My point is, i was a husband of my wife and 8 hours working everyday. When i get home, what is the first thing i will do. I supposed to grab my family attention first by entertaining them instead of turning on my gadget and checking some of  the media social account for hours.

What about our children feelings. We sent them to baby sitter place for 8 hours, When we at home, they feel like we do not exist at all. We still keep busy checking our media social account via our gadgets. What will happen to them? While scrolling our Facebook's account, we just let them play itself. Where is the bonding time between them. So, rather than checking Facebook or other social medias, we better entertain them first. Spent your time wisely. We can spent our time to surf internet at working station.

Other than that, why we still keep busy looking our smartphone while having a dinner or lunch with our family. I prefer to put my gadget aside and focus to eat. Keep enjoy talking with our family. Talking about our children, we must keep an eye on them. If we bought a gadget to them, please make sure their gadgets are clean from forbidden content or images.
Eventually, The needs of gadget is undeniable important in our life today, but we as a leader of family must really concern to maintain our family bonding either spend more time to gadget or family.
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