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ZARA SS13, Like Whoa.

By Bloomer14 @Bloomsaturation
ZARA SS13, Like Whoa.

ZARA, I realize that your goal in life is to keep my bank account empty but please, for the love, STOP. 

OK don't stop. Please, NEVER stop. Its no secret I'm crazily addicted to ZARA. The Styles are just so unbelievably me. I can't look at this website without filling up the Shopping Cart only to leave the website with all the items sitting there hoping to one day be purchased. They sure would look nice hanging in my lady cave. The collage above speaks so true to my personal style. I love line work, strategic hem lines, black and white blocking, strong shoulders, leather jackets, black blazers, accent pieces (accessories), heels, and subtle randomly placed color.


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