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Zaggora HotPants: Feeling Hot in More Than One Way

By Nicoleao @momfever
Zaggora HotPants

Me in my Zaggora HotPants

I love to go where no one has gone before. Oh, who am I kidding. I love the trampled paths too. So when I was offered the opportunity to try a pair of Zaggora HotPants I jumped at the opportunity. Sure they’ve been tested before, but not by me!

What’s this then? Scuba diving pants?

When they arrived I tore open the package. Then I paused. ‘Did they send me some scuba diving pants?’ I wondered. I’m not the first to compare the material of the Zaggora HotPants to the material of a wet suit. And I’m sure I won’t be the last. They seemed quite stiff, like they could stand up all on their own. So I tried that. But they weren’t as stiff as they seemed: they crumpled on the floor immediately. Much like my husband did when he heard they cancelled Deep Space Nine.

Zaggora HotPants: fit

Then it was time to put them on. I had read reviews of people having difficulty getting themselves into the Zaggora HotPants. I however had no such trouble. I even looked up their sizing table to see if they hadn’t send me the wrong size. But sure enough, according to my measurements and their sizing table I should indeed wear a size M.

They felt a bit odd at first, but I got used to them fast. They fit nicely, except in the crotch. The good thing about this is that I definitely did nót show any camel toe. And since they stayed in place during my run, the excess room on the front wasn’t a problem. And soon I felt my legs starting to get warm.

Zaggora HotPants: very comfortable during a run

There’s a nip in the air in the mornings, when I take my kids to school. It was defintely to cold for my running skirts, so I put on my Zaggora HotPants. Again it took me a moment to get used to the relatively stiff material. My usual running tights are very supple. But after a few minutes I liked the feel of them. And during my run they felt great too. My only regret was the lack of any pockets.

They were so comfortable that I wasn’t in any hurry to take them off when I got home. I worked for an hour on my blogs, and then I went for a shower. It was only when I took off the Zaggora HotPants that I felt how much I had been sweating! My legs were all wet. I had definitely had a good work out.

Zaggora HotPants: ‘Can I take them off yet? Can I? Can I?!’

I’ve had only one moment when I couldn’t wait to take the Zaggora HotPants off. And that was on a relatively warm day. I had worn them on my bike. As I biked my way home, the sun was shining on me and my hot pants. And my legs started to send frantic messages: ‘Let us out! Let us out!’ I almost stepped off my bike to take them off, right then and there. Who cares about indecent exposure when your legs need some air! But I didn’t because I knew: ‘The hotter I get, the better they work.’ So I endured!

And when I came home and took them off… aaaaah… it was utter bliss! I revelled in the feeling of cool air on my legs. In fact I put on my running skirt and ran for a whole hour. Just because it felt soooo good to have bare legs again.

2 Week Challenge

Lots of women have done it before me: the Zaggora HotPants Challenge. You measure your tights, stomach, butt and hips. Then during 2 weeks you wear the Zaggora HotPants daily for at least 30 minutes. After 2 weeks you take your measurements again.

I’ve been wearing the Zaggora HotPants for 6 days now. So I can’t tell you yet if I’ve lost any inches.

But here are my measurements on day one:

  • Hips 99 cm
  • Tigh  59
  • Belly Zaggora pants 88 cm
  • Butt 62
  • Weight: 59 kilo

My verdict

I’m always a bit skeptic about products that promise a lot, without requiring a lot of effort. Unfortunately that’s just not how life works. I haven’t finished the 2 weeks challenge yet, so I can’t tell you if my body has become more streamlined. I cóúld, but I don’t know if it’s true.

However I cán tell you that I really like the Zaggora HotPants. They’re very comfortable, and they add something extra to your run: the idea that you’re burning lots of extra calories. I like that. It’s like burning both ends of a candle. Do one work-out, get one for free!

So I would recommend the Zaggora HotPants. They look great, make you look good and they’re comfortable. What more can a girl want!

Zaggora HotPants
The inside of the Zaggora HotPants
View from the back!
View from the back!

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