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Five Things Friday

By Nicoleao @momfever

nicole orriensThis week’s theme of Five Things Friday is 5 Things About Me.

So here are five things about me!

  1. Do you know those people who say: ‘Don’t mind the mess!’ and then you walk in, and it’s clean as a whistle? They’re the same kind of people who say: ‘Oh don’t mind me. I’m such a slow runner, I’ll néver be able to keep up!’ And then you eat their dust? That person is nót me. When I say I’m not very fast, I’m not kidding. It takes me 45 minutes to run 5K. And that’s after 13 years of running.
  2. On a non-running note: I hate answering the telephone. I always get flustered, and say stupid things. One time the telephone rang and I answered with: ‘Lord bless this food.’
  3. I get a kick out of watching myself on my crosstrainer…
  4. And while I’m watching myself on my elliptical trainer, I like to listen to ‘Sexy Thing’…
  5. I never participate in running events, because I hate crowds. But sometimes it seems like I’m the only runner who runs ‘just because’.

This is what I like to listen to, while working out on the elliptical trainer while watching my reflection in the window…

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