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Zaatar Chicken Fingers

By Tasneem Rajkotwala @tasu0704

Cricket fans, raise your hands!

With the ongoing back to back season of T20 and Indian Premier League my house has somewhat turned into a club house, especially on weekends. We are constantly munching on anything and everything while glued to the television, screaming and cheering for our favorite players.


Honestly, I am a very impulsive cook but also careful to what I add in my dish so that I don’t complicate many flavors at once. What I otherwise do is organize my pantry at the start of the week so I don’t have to run to the supermarkets for ingredients; it just makes it easier for my abrupt personality to grab anything from my pantry and whip up something appetizing. To give you an idea, my kitchen need to stock olive oil, zaatar, sumac, Indian spices, meat, Mediterranean herbs amongst various other everyday items to take me through the week of homemade meals.

Also, I don’t have to place a frantic call to the restaurant to deliver me food when I have unexpected guests at home.


To make this juicy chicken with a kick of flavor from zaatar spice, all that you need are handful ingredients. Although zaatar wouldn’t be your pantry staple it isn’t hard to find one, especially if you live in the Middle East.

This recipe is such a no-brainer. I really mean so which is why I don’t find it necessary to list down step to step instructions to make zaatar chicken fingers. All you have to do is cut the chicken breast into long strips and keep aside. Arrange in line the egg wash (egg+water) and flour seasoned with zaatar, oregano, sumac, salt and garlic powder. Dip the chicken strips first in the egg wash and then the flour mixture. Keep refrigerated for atleast 1 hour before deep frying in the hot oil. Drain on the paper towel and serve with your favorite sauce or dip. Not to mention, they can start conversations when served alongside a cup of strong cardamom tea.

Told you its easy.


These are crunchy delights and full of flavor you can’t stop eating. And if you are making an extra batch, fry them the next morning for your little one’s lunch box – they’ll love it.

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