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Your Yin to Your Yang….

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

Yin-Yang-Blades-powerfullWhat happens to the energy when it is combined and it is not the same energy? What happens to the stream of love that you feel so deeply you always want to explode?  Well energy does this in the most profound way. It doesn’t remove parts of it that it doesn’t like, or love, it actually places the combined energy of love inside of it. To embrace it completely, to embrace it without the need to ask why.


Why is a mind thing is it not?


I recently have felt the compelling feeling of release of what I don’t like about this about myself, and what I don’t like this, about my twin.. You see the energy of yin and yang it is encompassed inside of this. We shape it in circle form and yet it doesn’t truly need a circle it just needs to be combined.  This birth is like any other birth and the pain that is consumed within it has a place.  Removal of this is not something you need to do, resisting this is not something you need to do, you allow the communication of what kept the pain alive in you to emerge.  This is purpose and this is real.  What you hide in the dark only keeps the truth from finding you.  How is this capable of being handled as I couldn’t handle it by myself? This becomes the question of the mind which can keep the dominance of the mind alive.  The word to look at was in this case  “by myself.”


You are combined as whole as you were with this, yes you were whole saying you weren’t is the same yin/yang that says you are!  The opposites of this only keep you in misery with no truth to it.  It is how energy is.  No longer by myself is the truth. You are whole as in no longer alone, as in no longer hiding, as in no longer shielded.  For what you shield you hide, for what you hide you run from, for what you run from, you leave to find at a later time, this is the chasing tail syndrome of no evolve.


Time is psychological. It is only real as long as you pay attention to it.  This myth has kept things irrelevant alive longer than they have been dead.


The forged experience, this existence makes is never comfortable as it pertains to time which always keeps you from the present moment.  It is only the experience of keeping something that is not yours to keep truthfully.  It doesn’t make up the essence in you yet, you make this something in mental which keeps it as though it is a part of you.


If your life was a color wheel which color would it show the world? how many colors would it show?  What if your color wheel was the same as another or the colors of the other would create a brightness all to itself?  You see how this makes sense.  The combined aura of yours to another who mirrors the effect you place upon yourself is the place this points. It gives you what you run from inside yourself and allows you to accept the defeat of it and realize it is the energy of love in motion.


How do you see a star being shot out in space what did you think it meant?  This existence is that shooting star in so many ways.  It finds the most beautiful connection to collide and then explode and then something comes from it more magical than what was there in the first place.  Do you see this for yourself?  Does any of this resonate inside you. I see the lights of this every time I look to read it again and realize that somehow something inside stirred as though to shift a different consciousness from all arise.  We wake up to this in different ways according to the stream of energy that we are experiencing in every moment.  Something awakens when you ask for it to awaken not when you don’t ask.


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