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Your Reality Bubble

By Boisse

Your “reality bubble” is an important concept illustrated in my book. Yes, our reality is like a bubble. It’s “our” reality, and it’s “real” to us. This personal reality envelops us like a bubble in which we continuously live. All of our perceptions are constantly filtered by it. What you perceive as the “world” may only be “your” world. And, of course, your worldview is unique to you and may be different from another’s outlook. Understanding how to expand on the numerous nuances of this concept significantly supports one’s personal development.

Sometimes the challenge with our reality bubble is that it may be keeping good ideas away from us; consequently hindering problem solving and successful behaviors while keeping happiness out of reach. That internal conflict and unawareness stifles one’s growth. And, our respective reality bubbles often cause disputes with differing opinions amongst people. You may be quarreling with someone simply because both of you do not realize the fact that you’re perceiving the issue from two different perspectives… from your unconscious minds.

The power of the reality bubble goes on and on… slowing yourself down enough to just take a deep breath once in a while and recognize from now on there are other ways of looking at things. Doing this will help you come out of your bubble long enough to take a glimpse at another world. Listen for the cues while being quiet inside your mind. There are interesting things you can find here!

As you get better at resolving conflicts, you will become more magnetic and radiant. And you will be better equipped for inner-action — paving the way for your success!

– D. R. Boisse

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