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Tune Up Your Mind

By Boisse

Your unconscious mind is always present helping you live life to the fullest. It’s behind the scenes controlling and coordinating everything for you, as it runs your mind’s software. When you begin to learn something new, say a dance move or a karate technique, you will be consciously aware of the many chunks of new knowledge and skill you’re acquiring (you may feel clumsy at first while practicing).

These learnings are stored in your mind’s library and upgraded at the level of your knowledge and training. Afterward, when the need arises for a skill or behavior, your mind retrieves that program and you perform the task unconsciously: dancing gracefully and defending yourself with a karate move. Quality instruction and better techniques provide for the best performance.

Did you ever stop and wonder where your behaviors come from? How are they stored and activated? Who’s doing the programming… it’s supposed to be you! Does a bad habit simply arise from an unconscious trigger? Can you get involved and interrupt one of your programs to change and improve how you feel about something? Can you get better results from your actions? Yes! Reading Free Mind Free Body shows you how to access your unconscious to tune up your mind — and live life on a different note!

– D. R. Boisse

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