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Shut Me Up!

By Boisse

Be quiet. Please…. Sometimes we just want to turn off our inner voice, right? Especially when resting and unwinding from a busy day; or when you want to release your creativity and talents. Silencing your mind promotes relaxation and clear focus.

A still mind is an adept, resourceful mind. The two-way communication bridge between the conscious and unconscious opens up and knowledge flows best when you’re quiet inside. This results in maximum focus and creativity for the highest performance of a given task, skill, or talent.

However, throughout our day we could be saying negative things to ourself; or the inner voice, often called the “conscience,” may interrupt us when we do something that violates our values or beliefs. These disruptions can create bad feelings, cause hesitation and unnecessary distractions. Saying positive things and acting in accordance with your conscience can help keep the mind quiet when it’s time to settle down.

Peace of mind is within reach. Quieting your internal dialog is a learned ability that is beneficial to your health and well-being. In Free Mind Free Body readers are shown how to quiet their minds to further develop their silent abilities.

– D. R. Boisse

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