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Your Kidz Can Do Whateva They Want

By Blairbarnes

I was having a decent day at work. Mah favorite hostess sat me a woman
with her 2 young sonz… I gritted mah teeth and brought 3 coasterz to
greet the table. The woman immediately handed me a $20 and
said,”Please take care of us…” The look she gave me was so pleading
I smiled bowed mah head and replied,”Absolutely mah dear…”

At one point during her meal one of her sons was screaming so loudly
that one of mah coworkerz said,”If that was my kid I’d take him to the
parking lot and spank him!!” I said Mr.X (from the restaurant down the
stree) bringz his son in here everyday and letz him terrorize the
serverz, guestz AND restaurant and only tipz $10. This lady tipped me
double that…Her kid can scream as loud as he wantz!!!”

After all was said and done the lovely lady and her wonderful sonz
left me anotha $5…Momz like that restore mah faith in serving


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