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Your Engagement Ring From Start to Finish

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

In your mind, your engagement begins the moment you slide that sparkling new engagement ring on your finger. In reality, it started long before that. I’m not even talking about all the subtle hints you left your boo, or the 6 visits to RLJ it took to find the perfect ring for you. No, I’m not even talking about your betrothed and your bestie collaborating to devise the most perf proposal OF ALL TIME (said in Kanye voice.) Those things were all key moments in your engagement timeline, and are as much a part of your love story as the first time you said I love you. Seriously, 20 years from now your partner will remember the moment they walked into the jewelry store. Or clicked to the website. No, your engagement began with the creation of your ring. Which is truly quite the process. This fantastically fabulous infographic, courtesy of depicts the journey of a diamond from mine to “mine” in handy chart form. The best form. So, you can pin to your heart’s content right along with all the ring inspo so that when the time comes for your love to get a’shoppin’, it’s very clear just how much effort and TIME go into the creation of your dream ring.

Diamonds Are Forever: Process of the Diamond Ring

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