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Your Diamond Jewelry Insurance Guide

By Macrogers

Your Diamond Jewelry Insurance Guide

The prized possession of every woman – Jewelry especially Diamond Jewelry can cause even the strongest lady to break into tears, if the favourite item is lost or damaged. If there are no alternative arrangements, a diamond jewelry item – stolen, lost or damage is a huge loss that one has to bear – financially and also emotionally. Whatsoever is the worth of the diamond jewelry – low or high, it is advisable to have the item insured not only to protect the monetary investment but also the emotional investment, as well.

Deciding on an Diamond Jewelry Insurance Provider

Though there are insurance companies that specialize in diamond jewelry insurance, but one need to insure huge collection of diamond jewelry items of enormous value with such companies. Many households with few diamond jewelry pieces usually utilize the facilities offered by general multi insurance companies. They offer this policy with a mentioned upper limit value of the diamond jewelry items. If your collection of diamond jewelry exceeds that upper limit then it is a better option to go for specialised insurance companies. Even some jewelers offer insurance policy on certain individual diamond jewelry items.

Insure your Diamond Jewelry Items

To get all your diamond jewelries insured, it is necessary for the insurance company to know the actual value of each jewelry item. For this purpose either the receipts from the purchase of the diamond jewelry must be provided, else have the diamond jewelry appraised. Once the value of your diamond jewelry items is finalized, it is a must to know thoroughly what the policy involves before making any commitments. Before finalizing the insurance deal of the diamond jewelry items it is good to get the answer to some fundamental questions like:

  • Will insurance cover both the cases where the diamond jewelry items are either inadvertently lost or stole?
  • What will be required to prove the circumstances of being lost or stolen?
  • What percentage of the damage will be made good?
  • How will the gemstones be documented and if the gemstone or diamond jewelry be an exclusive item, how will it be replaced?

A fine diamond jewelry insurance policy will cover maximum issues related to the loss inhered by your precious jewelry items.

Getting a Fair Price for your Diamond Jewelry

A must practice to keep the insurance cost of your precious diamond jewelry low is to keep the most expensive diamond jewelry item is a safe and wear them as seldom as possible, only to ultra special occasions. Be very careful while wearing them to avoid any sort of wear and tear. This helps in cutting the insurance cost and if you want to sell that diamond jewelry item, it helps in getting better and bigger value.

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