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You Should Have Got Kittens To Destroy That Gold Apple Watch in Your YouTube Video

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Fortune reports that a famous YouTube user has destroyed a $10,000 Apple Gold Watch with magnets… because people often like to view that kind of thing, which translates to money for popular YouTube “content” producers.

Specifically, Fortune estimates that the user made $50,000 in revenues by a different video boiling an iPhone in Coca-Cola. So far, the magnet-gold Apple Watch video does not have a lot of views… Here are 3 ways we bet would have made more money destroying the watch.

1. Cute kittens operating the magnets.

2. Kittens dropping it in a public toilet. (Preferably a porta-potty destroyed by a giant kitten mascot).

3. Rich Kittens Of Instagram crushing it with gold gavels. Is the #RichKittensOfInstagram not a thing? We have no clue, but if nobody else thought of it, you heard it here first.*

Ah-yes! We just registered RichKittensOfInstagram on Tumblr!  Now all we need to do is hook ourselves up with some videos of rich kittens.

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