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By Bren @Virtual_Bren



When you first decided to become a Blogger, you had some kind of idea WHAT you wanted to blog about.

You chose your blog platform.

You chose your theme.

You got it all set up and then “OMG!”

You used your REAL NAME on all correspondence.

If you’re like me and you work full-time, you might be a lil more cautious about leaving track on the world-wide web.

Yes, I’ve made this mistake since day one. Then I started reading more and more about how a simple thing as a picture can leave traces of YOU and YOUR PIC all over the web.

In some cases this may be fine. In others, not so much.

So what do you do?

Do you create this whole new persona?

Never show your face?

Never reveal who you are?

Possibly, but not everyone likes looking at an “avatar”, such as my new one for My Girly Parts, and you may scare some potential readers and bloggers away.

However, if the person is using an “avatar” which is not the real face, maybe they are doing it for a legitimate reason?

In my case, I truly don’t want my employer reading my blog, this blog. But, that’s a chance we take right?

Did you know that if you have a account that you are traceable everywhere you go on the web? Not only your picture, but your email address to? Read up on it sometime.

girl hiding

I have Gravatar enabled on both blogs BUT I also have a plugin called Simple Local Avatar. There is a pretty cool plug-in, especially for those who don’t have or want a Gravatar account. You, the Administrator of your blog, can either let every user upload their own avatar pic, or only those with a user status of Contributor, Author, or Administrator. So far I like it and have enabled it on my other blog.

The other reason for remaining semi-anonymous is because WE, as WOMEN, know the world is very corrupt. If we use our Real Name, Real Pic, and possibly even mention our State? One is very easily tracked down now days. If you’re a single woman especially, you might want to rethink about how much you share on the web. Regardless, single or not, women are still at a high risk using our Real info because, and let me know if I’m wrong, but there are a lot of crazies in the world.

So what’s the purpose of this post?

I simply wanted to give you some “food” for “thought”. You might also now understand why I have changed up some of my social networking accounts as well.  The crazier the world gets, the scarier it gets for the “sane” people like you and myself.

So now I open it up to you. What are your thoughts? I know quite a few of you use your Real Name and Real Pic. A few more of you are pretty straight up about where you are, whether it be State or City and State.

Do you feel slightly vulnerable?

What about those of you who have a full-time job and really don’t want your co-workers stumbling upon your blog?

What about those of you who are unemployed currently yet are seeking a job? Are you afraid of what they might find if they Google you?

I’m all ears…………..


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