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You Never Know…

Posted on the 16 May 2011 by Finallygrowingup @mordechaikashuk
You Never Know…

Don't even THINK about it!!!

I have 2 nieces and a nephew, and I find myself always telling them, “Listen, don’t ever even TRY a drug, or even a SIP of alcohol, why?

Because you never know, whether that first hit will get you or not!”

And that’s the problem, you see the first cigarette I ever smoked, didn’t make me cough, it completely rang my bell!

I got completely and utterly high from that cigarette, and you know what? Even-though the high only lasted for a few seconds, it was enough to teach me that there was something in the World that could take me OUT of myself!

You see, as a kid, I was NEVER comfortable in my own skin.

I always felt different, always felt like I belonged somewhere else, always want to just disappear and never return, just so I would no longer have to deal with the total reject that I perceived myself as being.

That cigarette was my gateway drug and it led me down the road of drug abuse for many many years.

Today, B”H (thank G-d) I am sober and happy, accept myself completely, actually like and love myself in many ways, and feel at least 93-95% comfortable in my own skin


But I am not the point, the point of this discussion, is the falling, of SO very many unaware people (kids, or adults), into the World of drugs and alcohol misuse and even abuse.

Yes there are people who, for the very first time, pick up a bottle of something with the intention of getting drunk, but they are still unaware of what they may be getting themselves into.

They cannot know.


Because not everyone who gets drunk, gets addicted.

There aremany studies done and some people, after their first experience with alcohol, can take it or leave it.

Some who don’t like it at all, some who like it and “might” like another glass.

And then, you have those who “MUST” have another glass.

So if you figure that one in four people (can) become addicted after their first exposure to a substance, you must understand, just how serious a problem this can potentially be!

This is why it is always the best idea to never, ever even TRY anything that could even possibly alter your mood or your mind.

Anything that makes you feel like anything other than your regular NORMAL self, should be avoided at ALL costs!


You just never know…


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