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You Do Bad Things to Me.

By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
you do bad things to me.
If ever there were a shop that I could live in their clothing for the rest of my life, there wouldn't be any competition. Hands down and it's no secret I'm an All Saints girl through and through. Their collection comes with a price, but when you walk into their rustic stores with antique Singer sewing machines lined beautifully to the tops of the windows and their creaky wooden floor boards you know you're not just entering any other money hungry retailer. What always fascinates me about this brand is that All Saints first started out as a menswear company. I really feel this comes through when taking a look at their unique tailoring, whether that be from a boned dress or a slouchy jumper which still maintains a sense of excellent workmanship. Above is my ULTIMATE wish list, adding up to no doubt thousands. Of course totally worth it... who needs a roof over your head anyway when you look utterly fabulous?
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you do bad things to me.

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