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You Are Your Own Worst Enemy, Or Your Loudest Cheerleader

By Healthhungry @Healthhungry
I am teaching Orientations full time this week, it's Tuesday, and I already feel drained.  I love to teach, I really do - but I feel my window of tolerance getting smaller and smaller.  I am so tired of the same personalities who make the same choices, and I'm not sure why it feels all feels so aggravating.  I don't mind helping people tap into their motivation - in fact, I really enjoy that, HOWEVER I cannot make them want to learn.  If you are choosing to come back to school, it is exactly that; a CHOICE.  The people who want it(and I mean really want it) are the ones who succeed, and I can usually spot them within a few days of enrollment.
All of this frustration has me thinking; How are you like these students?  What kinds of things are you doing to sabotage your ability to learn, and make changes?  The most obvious of all of the bad habits is... not keeping an open mind.  Like many students who think they aren't smart enough, or good enough to finish school - I am saying the same negative things about achieving health.  More times a day than not, I think things like; "What if you are too far gone to find health again?  It might not be possible for you.  Perhaps you should just accept that you can't do it.  If you DO find health, it's going to take FOREVER to get there...  It's hard.  Life is unfair.  Why me?"
I think that part of my frustration is coming from a place of not having a lot to give right now.  I am not feeling the hope I felt six years ago.  I don't believe that getting an education is going to move everyone forward anymore... Don't get me wrong, I don't think there is anything like education to empower people, but it does NOT translate into dollar signs like I, and so many others once believed.  Many of these students think that the thing standing between them, and a lifestyle of the rich and famous, is the lack of a High School Diploma.  Though that may be part of it, their beliefs about who in the world they are is what really matters.  I am living proof, for better or for worse.
So now the question becomes, is it too late?  I tell my students it's NEVER too late, but do I believe that?  What is the moment that causes the shift?  When do I make up my mind, and follow through with persistent effort to obtain the life I want?  If attitude is over half of the battle(and I'd say it is) then how do we make choices that align us with what we really want, and who we are truly meant to be?
I'm guessing the person who coined the term, "Just Do It" is not a person who struggled with obesity.  I saw a sign today that read; What if you just tell yourself - that everything is easy?  It made me pause, and notice how many negative messages are in my head right now.  One of the truest things I tell students is; You can be your own worst enemy and biggest obstacle - or your loudest cheerleader and greatest source of inspiration - you make the choice.  Within all of us lies the potential to be anything we dream of being... even me.

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