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You Are What You Answer To ~ Guest Post

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie


You Are What You Answer To

It was the sound of my Facebook inbox indicator. Thinking that it was one of my actual friends, I stopped what I was doing to attend to it. Unfortunately, it was a random guy asking me “Wat up?”

Normally, I don’t respond to elementary messages like this from grown men, but that night I felt daring. And well, bored. Before I could send my initial response, he duplicated his message. This is serious, I thought. I responded “nothing” just to see how he’d run with it. Within six minutes, I found myself schooling him on how to approach a lady and that social media platforms are not the best place. I mean, what would you do if you read that you should be doing him instead of nothing? Tuh, the nerve!

After my lesson, the conversation was pretty much over. If he were in high school, or even college, I wouldn’t think twice about it because younger guys don’t care anyway. But by his profile picture, home boy was older than me! The unfortunate part about this encounter is that at some point in his life, this had to have worked on some poor girl to make him think this behavior is OK. I feel sorry for women like them because they obviously don’t know their true worth.

Is a man calling you sexy or fine attention grabbers?

Would you answer to a man whistling at you?

Do you answer to every beckoning message in your inbox or email?

Do you feel comfortable with a man throwing himself at you in an attempt to sleep with you?

While it’s natural to enjoy a compliment, you should never subject yourself to being talked down to for the likes of it. Plus, imagine how many other women he’s done those same things to. Seems kind of nasty when put that way, doesn’t it? A better practice is to tell yourself that you’re beautiful and actually mean it. Valuing yourself is the best value you can have. When others notice it, they have no choice but to take heed and treat you with the respect you give yourself.

Answering to every hiss, whistle, or message from every Joe Blow can taint your self-esteem and probably make you feel like it’s OK to answer to those actions. Hold yourself to a higher standard and expect others to, as well. As for myself, I’m not longer entertaining whims via inbox, bored or not. But I hope the young man learned that the art of approaching women is not a one size fits all measure.


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