You Are Renting Your Life. But...

Posted on the 14 September 2014 by Luciano Pacini
You Are Renting Your Life. But...You have just came into this world, you are a baby, a son or a daughter, then you grow up, you became somebody’s friend, but you have to study a lot, after that you marry, you have children, but you have to work a lot and so on. Maybe sometimes you just try to put some vacation in your busy schedule, just to have a break. Basically I guess this is a life; but all of what I have just written above show only one thing: you are an actor who from time to time change its role. I have to add: a role based on your duties!I know for sure that everyday you are often busy doing your own things that you can forget the most important ones. It is like when a person has been always living in a house. They assume after so many years that the house is their own property, without realizing however, that they have just been renting it, and in the end they will have to leave that house. They knew they were renting, but the so called “everyday life” has caused them to forget they weren’t the owners.
With this metaphor I mean that too often people think to be the owners of their lives, but they don’t recognize that they are just renting it. Whether you like or not, you are a guest of your life. You can never be completely the owner of your life, but…….at least try! Everything will pass and goes, even you, so at least try to live a full life! Let’s see how. I start saying that you don’t have to be worry in vain, being brave will pay you back more than being worried; obviously not by chance, you also need the right amount of caution. But how can you recognize “the right dose” of courage and caution? Simple! When you feel that you have enough courage to begin and enough caution that doesn’t limit your dreams; but remember that both of them are necessary to you.Then I can say that from certain point of view your life goes in one direction, because you have a time limit, so always go forward, don’t look back too much at your past if it gives you pain, just move on and look in front of you; don’t permit that your past experiences give you some complex, because in this way you won’t have a free mind able to make right choices; so you have to forget everything about your past? Of course not! And so what you should remember? Is in this way: if you have nice memories, something that you can consider a valuable experience, so bring them with you!Is very good if you are a dynamic person, use your energy for good things, doesn’t mean that this must freak you out. Just learn how to channel your energy in the right directions. These things will make you accept better some changes that happens in your life. So try to discover your skills in order to realize your dreams. I know you have some important ones.  
I can say that working hard is an important characteristic that great achievers have. Good achievements are not just one step process, you have to work through many steps, obviously. To make every single step you need the right energy, preparation, passion and the right motivation. This can be a good recipe.
You must remember that of course in life you will encounter some obstacles. You will be able to overcome some of them if you put your right effort. You also need to deal with failures of course, but you have to be able to learn from those, don’t permit them to stop you. There are many turns in life, just as a street has, you need to know that a turn in life is not the end, on the contrary is the beginning of a new path. But not for this reason you have to make superficial decisions. You must always do everything that is possible to reach your target, to save a relationship, a love, a friendship. Without “the rhetoric” that if something finish you will do something better after; because this is obvious, this is a normal wish that everybody has. You can say this only after you have put all of your effort, then, after all of that if you will find a turn which looks like the end, is possible that if you go on, that street still continue for you and become better. 
At the beginning I was talking about a different topic, or at least apparently different. What did I mean? I just was mentioning the fact that you are living in a house without recognize that you are renting. I was just making one of my poetic metaphors, because all of that situation can be your life. You are even a guest of your own life! So, if your life is a rental, why have you got to put all of those efforts that I was talking about before? Just to be successful and to have more material things? In the end, nothing of what you have is truly yours!I have a big reason to don’t give up, and I will tell you soon...
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