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You Are… I Am…

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017


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Today is one of those days where I can feel the rain, and realize it is the tears that probably stayed with us through the night, realizing that the power of self love has always been something we can do when we instead turn our back on ourselves, and losing hope that we are something more than the thoughts we keep.  We have always been able to elect this as something we can do without those thoughts.


Some are alone right now, and come home everyday, and realize that they make home an uncomfortable loneliness that doesn’t need to be that way.  We lose sight of the very energy we are, captivating others in how we move, how we think, and even how our smile can change someone’s day.  We never tell them like we should, we hide behind what is acceptable and not acceptable as though we were taught to be isolated from this act of connection.  We make it about things that are to material to know the difference.  We keep a negative thought here and there to keep us from being, never seeing the truth inside the picture we are to others, who walk by us or see us in the grocery store as we find something to eat to keep our bodies from becoming without the energy that seems to do well, even when we overindulge it to cover up the loneliness, or the hidden truths about what thoughts hurt us and keep us in bondage.


Some take the outer shell of this energy, and try to make it something that it never will be, an outer way of living and loving for others to try and capture, never to embrace the pains we keep inside of ourselves.  Us never knowing it can be healed in a touch, in a look, in an accepting way just by the way we are touched outside to touch us inside.


I can’t speak enough about the thoughts we keep and how these thoughts eat away at our life force of energy, that we are here to share with each other.  Not the knowledge of new things that keep us thinking, how technology can keep us more connected than we are.  Yet, how we can stay connected by connecting inside ourselves without all the negative things that have kept us alone?  I can’t help but think that I am lucky somehow for the past that I had, that kept me chasing something that was really out there, somewhere for me to find.  I did find it.. I ended up alone and ashamed and in more pain for the things I brought upon myself when I captured it inside myself.  I am going to point to this for one reason.  That very pain of being alone, and ashamed taught me something I was able to find before I left here in this form.  The energy of me was never defined by any of the thoughts I kept, and the choices I made.. I kept me safe in energy form as we all do.  You have the ability to see every pain in your life as a success, failure or a message.. I chose the message that I am that energy, that it is beyond any world of thought.  No words can form this for you.  No one single thought can either.   If you truly know your essence as I am speaking of here.  It will only call to the tears in you that you know you are more of what can’t be said in any way.  It seems that you keep waiting and waiting for someone to say I can see you… Here I am saying it, now all you have to do is believe me when I tell you.


You are here right now…


As are you inside of here living, breathing, teaching, learning, enabling, you are beyond what it was always known.. you are love.  This is the energy you are, not the energy that is outside you. but the energy that is driving you.  The energy that is loving you even when you are trapped in thought about something that makes you think you are a million miles away.  This is the truth, it can’t be argued, it can’t be denied.


You ever seen someone up close when they know this with you at that same moment?  Isn’t this what we want as love to be inside of us.  It is not just the companionship that is there in this moment, it is the connection that is never lost from any moment after just this one!


I love you, not because I know you, but because you are energy in everything that is love.  How do you feel that from these words?  Just be silent after your done reading this, then close your eyes, and feel it for yourself.  You are breathing inside here. Your heart beat is in unison with someone, somewhere, feeling it as you do.  Inside of your true home, you will always have wether you are here or not in this form.


With Love,

… I Am…..


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