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Yoruba Aso Oke Skirt Or Not?

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez

Yoruba Aso oke Skirt or Not?Yoruba Aso oke Skirt or Not?The #Yoruba Aso oke fabric is a #beautiful fabric. But, because it is heavy it's a bit difficult to incorporate into contemporary fashion. When I happened upon this pencil skirt; Aso oke was the first thought that came to mind. I'm not Yoruba, but I love culture, traditional attire and traditional accents.  On the rare occasion that I attend an Owambe I'm sure it's the music, fashion and food I'm in love with, and sometimes it's just to be out and about. I can't be sure what other attendants are in love with about the party.....maybe the celebrants. I unashamedly admit that half the time I leave the party not even really seeing the celebrants. lol.
Now, if someone leans towards you and tells you they know exactly why or how much you love Owambe parties, simply smile and listen to them self-project. ;-)Yoruba Aso oke Skirt or Not?
Yoruba Aso oke Skirt or Not?Franco Sarto shoes / Luciano Choi skirt / 
Yoruba Aso oke Skirt or Not?

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