Yoga Teacher Training Is A Sizeable Investment. Make It Worth!

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  1. Yoga Teacher Training Overview

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As a human, we often come encounter questions relevant to our life’s journey. Now the quality of these questions decides the standards of our habits that we wish to inculcate in our mundane. This creates a potential connect which stimulates spirituality through a meaningful medium. We all intend to improvise our way of living, so instead if we improve the quality of questions we are bound to get sensible answers. With yoga, you can surely make this happen.

You can be officially enrolled to yoga alliance with yoga teacher certification. This will help you in working with many yoga enthusiasts all around the globe. Students trained under these professionals can also assist in courses in order to revise their own lessons.

  1. Why do you need an accreditation

Importance of Yoga Alliance certified?
Connecting to Yoga Alliance really counts as it has a pre-defined curriculum. Qualified yoga teachers impart knowledge with a utmost dedication and consistency. Besides, adopting a standard approach is preferable rather than multiple approaches, which will lead to a dysfunctional system.

Traits / Benefits of joining a Yoga Alliance:-

  • Listing is possible if you are a member of the Yoga Alliance. This further verifies your registration and increases visibility in order to attract potential prospects.
  • After joining, you will receive a registry mark, which is globally recognized in all yoga communities. This will be the highlight of your portfolio/resume.
  • Members of Yoga Alliance are made aware of the challenges in this domain and ways to overcome the same. Online workshops are provided free of cost to make it accessible to each registered member.
  • High-end resources and insights through quality research are provided handy to all members. Yoga Alliance also releases monthly newsletters to yoga teachers.
  • Networking with an exclusive community will help you in connecting with a like-minded audience. These meetings will be highly enlightening and motivating in many ways.
  • Membership will avail you special provisions (legal counseling & insurance) and discounts.
  1. Certified yoga Teacher courses

– Types of Yoga Teacher Course

Reputed yoga schools outline courses in the most thorough and extraordinary way, engaging you to stand separated as an enlivened yoga instructor.

  • RYS 200 hours
  • RYS 300 hours
  • RYS 500 hours
  • RCYS (Registered Yoga School for Children)
  • RCYS (Registered Prenatal Yoga School)

* These can never be a standalone credential; For instance, only an RYS 200 or RYS 500 is eligible for RYS 300 designation.

– Understand RYT & RYS

A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) is a credential designed for yoga teachers who match up with guidelines of Yoga Alliance. An RYT should be qualified and confirmed with Registered Yoga School (RYS). The trainer should consistently continue the training by paying their fees regularly.

How did I qualify for an RYT?

Firstly, you need to be trained under a Registered Yoga School (RYS) at the 200-500hour level by paying their fees. Then review your training.

Schools with trained yoga teachers are designated as RYS.

How did I qualify for an RYS?

To become an RYS, one must present an application along with mandatory information like name and contact information (Preferably, School Owner). The syllabus in which you were trained should match  the expectations to 200, 300 or 500-hour level. For specialty designation, it is either Children’s or Prenatal level.

Confirm your school’s lead trainer’s name (* You will need at least one person registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT)

The primary location of your school should be mentioned without fail.

Send a sample of certification that you have designed to give to your trainees after successful completion of this course. Lastly, pay the fees applicable to process the same.

– Certification Value

  • This is an internationally- recognized credential which confirms that you have met the standards of yoga training. You can market on RYS directory to update information related to your yoga school. You can leverage this certificate in many different ways:-
  • Customize and elevate your directory and business card by placing this designation
  • Use the registry mark on your official website and share it generously on all social media platforms
  • Registry Mark can be added to all your marketing collaterals and also display it at your school or studio.
  1. Select Reputed Yoga Centers in India

Yoga schools design syllabus of in-depth courses and with flexible timings. Lately, yoga has become an integral part of our culture and numerous institutes are promoting teachers courses in this domain.

– Why select a reputed center?

It is important that you go for a reputed institute because they imbibe all forms of yoga including traditional postures and meditation.

These traditional forms are combined with contemporary medical science to form a meaningful yoga curriculum for people of all age groups. I myself researched a lot before enrolling as I have Asthma issues since my childhood. Along with courses, health camps are conducted to fulfill therapeutic needs. There are very limited numbers of yoga institutes, which help people, overcome health issues like cardiac, diabetes, breathing, hypertension and stress. Find ( Best Yoga Teacher Training Centers on ExploraYoga)

Only reputed institutes are capable of arranging workshops, which have out of the box insights.

– Be Careful

Be careful and especially if you a not an Indian resident. I have heard stories from my fellow yoga trainers who flew down to India to have a good time learning yoga but ended up facing unforeseen incidents. Here are a few things which you need to be aware of:

  • First things first, do not delay in applying for an Indian visa and buying an Indian sim card.
  • Dealing with sexual harassment (I don’t intend to scare you but you need to know this)
  • Take proper food safety tips and for water, it is best to get a purifier rather than relying on bottled water.
  • You may get sick if you are planning to stay for a longer duration. So get a travel insurance, which will cover you in times of difficulties.

– Read Reviews

If you are a resident in India, you can simply explore options by visiting the Yoga institutes which you have shortlisted in your online research. If you were living outside institute, I would recommend you to go through their websites and different forums where you can easily learn their teacher’s credits, reviews, accommodation, food, and other amenities.

You can also connect to trainers who have completed the program from respective yoga institutes/ schools.

– Check if their Course schedule suits you

It is a known fact that a yoga certification course in India can cost you a sizeable amount of time and money both. So while you take admissions to make sure that the schedule suits your lifestyle. Or else, you may end up missing out sessions, which will cost you later.

Think twice because teacher training is not a vacation and it is a serious deal. Hours of practice, assignments, classroom lectures, workshops, and philosophical discussions take place. Most of the courses demand 6 to 8 hours of the day, so be prepared. All this can be smooth only if you plan it wisely. Or else you will find it strenuous to keep up with the schedule.

  1. Cost of Yoga Teacher Training in India

The yoga teacher training course (TTC) fills up the gap between ancient traditions and modern science. Hence, it is designed in order to motivate and guide future yoga teachers.

Courses are affordable compared to the additional amenities provided for the comfort of the trainees and trainers. The cost includes course fee for 200,300, 500 hour TTC with accommodation, meals, course manual, yoga cleansing process and even pick up from station to the center when you arrive.

Below mentioned are the price details of the courses:-

  • Tuition Fee: – $1195 (Accommodation & food excluded)
  • Non-Residential:- $1423 (Includes meals and snackable items)
  • Residential:- $1650 (Includes meals and other facilities)

Please note: – Verify the cost with the yoga institute/school before you apply for the Teachers training course.

  1. Things to keep in mind

  • Research about Atmosphere of Location
  • I was very much concerned about the environment where I would like my yoga sessions to take place. I wanted to live there for a month as per my course & syllabus. I was looking for a place, which is calm inside and yet had access to restaurants and other fun places rather than a rural village. So, look for what exactly you want and not what someone else is looking for. You don’t want it to be a boring and lifeless experience.

  • Ask Questions and discuss with teachers before you enroll
  • Asking questions can save you from many difficulties, which you may face after joining. Confirm and clear your doubts from teachers, graduates or other officials in the school.  More importantly, research how experienced your group’s primary teacher. This will help you in a better decision-making process and also help in finding yourself a school which resonates with your yoga and life goals both.

  • How many trainees do they accept? A smaller group is much focused
  • I was headstrong about the enrolling into a smaller batch, as I believed in personal attention.  Especially when it is a teacher-training course (TTC) pay keen attention to the size of the batch. Smaller groups are more effective and better in terms of practice sessions.

  1. Job Opportunity

– What to do after getting a certificate?

You can any day start your career in yoga with a registered or unregistered center. Although, clients are aware of Yoga Alliance credibility and will only pay for a registered one.

-How much yoga teacher earn?

If your teaching in school or training center then up to 30000. If you are a personal trainer then you can earn up to 1lakh.

-Earn Money

Westerns usually prefer alliance registered yoga school when they have plans to open their own studio. Yoga Alliance is best for such purposes and many westerners recognize these advantages.

  1. How you can start your own yoga TTC center?

  • Get your certificate form affiliated yoga school.
  • Chalk out your business plan and financials of it.
  • Calculate responsibility like rent, operational expense and yoga equipments based on the types of yoga that you choose to teach.
  • Last but not the least makes yourself aware of the rates of your competitors in your locality. Fix an affordable pricing strategy to win potential and existing client’s attention.
  • Conclusion:-

    TTC does not only train the budding yoga teachers on how to turn their passion into a profitable business but also mentor them in yoga teaching. This consists of methodology, how to motivate students, push their morals, embed some values and ethics all these are also taken care off along the perfect business plan.

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