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Nowadays you will hear a lot about yoga Nidra, which has become very popular. Yoga studios are giving extra classes for it. Lots of training and Yoga retreats of Yoga Nidra are taking place. Yoga Nidra is also used by doctors and psychologist for patient’s mental relaxation. Now, what is yoga Nidra? Does one have to be yogi to practice it? No not at all. Here is a little guidance about it. Learn Yoga Nidra in Very Easiest Way from Experienced Yoga Nidra Teacher.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a technique used mostly for relaxation and sound sleep, it is also called Yogic or conscious sleep, which refers to the conscious or awareness of the deep sleep state, referred to as Prajna or Pragya.

Yoga Nidra is an old science coming from Mandukya Upanishad, which was rediscovered and used by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. It is like guided meditation, belonging to an old Tantra Yoga technique. Also it is a practice of Pratyahara (one of the Eight limb of Patanjali yoga sutra) where we consciously withdraw our attachment to our senses and work on different layers of mind, to go deeper in to self, to be free of belief system, or to learn self-awareness techniques

Yoga Nidra is used these days for healing the body, mind and traumas.

In modern world it has many names like Lucid dreaming, Trance, Transomatic Dialoge. Past Regretion.


Importance of Yoga Nidra Nowadays

In Modern world, we are so busy and not having time for self at all, we are always running for something or the other which creates so much distress in our body and mind that we are having so many psychological problems. Also the belief systems of every religion and greed is causing war instead of peace. For the Inner and outer peace we all should practice yoga Nidra. It is like a guided meditation which brings one to the relaxing space and go deeper in to awareness and consciousness which will bring transformation in the world. May peace will prevail than sooner on the planet, we will not destroy the world on name of religion, money, countries, race or many other things.

Amazing Benefits of Yoga Nidra ?

As yoga Nidra is a guided meditation, it can be taught or learnt by anybody, one does not have to be Yogi or master in any asanas. It is very beneficial to just do 20 minutes yoga Nidra before sleep. It is like having 4 hours rest. Also when one is very tired and need to rejuvenate, the best way is a short 20 minutes yoga Nidra, it is much more deeper and stronger than power nap.

Here are some amazing benefits of yoga Nidra:

  •  Yoga Nidra relaxes body and mind very fast. When body mind is relaxed, you can achieve inner peace, something which is hard to buy.
  • You can attain the equilibrium between your conscious and unconscious mind; thus, a sense of harmony prevails within, Life comes to balance.
  • It is also good for people with problems of insomnia. A persons sleeping disorder gets cured as it helps to quieten the mind. And come to the body.
  • People who have the tendency to go towards depression, can use yoga Nidra (guided session) to find out reason of depression so it can be cured with change of lifestyle, not much of medicine.
  • Yoga Nidra is used for people with anxiety disorder to calm them and relax.
  • It’s the art of conscious healing and self-elevation.
  • Practicing Yoga Nidra before bed is more beneficial.
  • The stress is eradicated on regular practice of yogic sleep,
  • Can be used for learning and absorbing new material during yoga Nidra. While in deep rest, listening or learning with audio is best.
  • It helps with creativity, once the body and mind is relax. We are more relax to be creative and supportive to our inner self.
  • The inner chambers of mind are opened, the soul is transformed and the body is rejuvenated
  • Also Expert sages said than one can experience the first stage of samadhi called “Turiya” with Yoga Nidra regular practice.


What require for Yoga Nidra ?

Yoga Nidra is easy, there are no major rules and regulations to be followed. You have just be in a position in which you are the most comfortable.

It is good to lie down while you are doing yoga Nidra, but if you have tendency to fall asleep it is better to sit on a comfortable chair, so that you can get maximum benefits of yoga Nidra.

It is natural to fall asleep during first few sessions of yoga Nidra. Do not worry. Eventually you will be relaxed and more conscious after some sessions.

If you are lying, have a mat or a mattress, it is good to use cushion under the knees, if required also under the head. Also good to cover body with a simple shawl or blanket. One might feel cold when it is in deep relaxation. Also it is good to do yoga Nidra in quite place. It is good to have if you like soft instrumental music. Better to do it with no other sound than the guiding voice. It helps to go more deeper in the process. Other sound can take mind in to memories and that is not the aim of yoga nidra. The aim is to quieten the mind.

What to wear during Yognidra ?

If you are practicing yoga Nidra after asana class, then it is fine to wear tight clothes, but when you just practice yoga Nidra, please wear comfortable cotton fresh cloths. You have to feel comfortable. Loose clothing helps to relax. Cotton is natural cloth so it is nice to feel the material on skin while in yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra in Very Easy Steps

In yoga Nidra we are using body and mind awareness to go beyond it and deep into ourselves.

Yoga Nidra is about going through your 5 kosha (layers of body mind and atman)

If you like music, then you can play it in very low volume only soft instrumental. But better without any external input so you can go deep in to yourself without distraction.

Yoga Nidra Training - India

Here are simple steps to yoga Nidra (you can record it in your voice to practice)

  • If you want, you can start with 10 to 15 minutes stretching, dancing or asana practice to warm up and bring energy into the body.
  • Then sit or lie down in comfortable position, and close your eyes.
  • Slowly start consciously bringing attention to the body so that it starts relaxing.
  • Start relaxation from left feet, leg, hip torso arm, and then right side, OR both side together, as you feel comfortable.
  • Then bring attention to your breathing and notice your breathing inhale and exhale. The more you will bring attention to it breathing will slow down by itself.and keeping attention to breath keeps you away from sleeping
  • If you feel like you can count till 7 breaths.
  • Now allow yourself to visualize a natural space where you can relax and refresh, a beautiful hill, a river, a swan swimming in the river, blue sky on the top, Eagle flying in the sky, sound of wind, smell of earth.
    Then find a spot in your visualization and sit there for some minutes.
  • Slowing bring attention back to the breath, body and mat you are laying on or chair you are sitting on.
  • Now slowly sit up and open your eyes.

Is there any Good Yoga Nidra Classes?

If you are interested in more deeper and easier guidance you can join our yoga Nidra course at Diya Yoga in Goa, India. We have yoga Nidra classes during our yoga teacher training and we also have yoga Nidra training course. We use the Kosha (layers so body mind) to explain yoga Nidra, where it is easy for you to learn and it is interesting too. This one week course could be very transformational and meditative with lots of guidance about what words to use and what not, practical practice We have trained many teachers who are happily sharing the gift of it.

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About Writer. 

Meera Acharya, An Indian born and residence of Germany, is running a yoga school named Diya Yoga, a yoga teacher and therapist, she had been using yoga Nidra for many years, giving sessions for anxiety, insomnia and depress people. She has been traveling Europe, Australia and middle east giving sessions and courses. She is a warm hearted and loving person, her motherly approach to the situations make one trust her immediately. Her non conventional approach to the yoga and yoga Nidra has helped many people to come to awareness of self love and happiness. She always says “we are more than what we think we are”. her dedication to bring awareness in life is amazing. Half of the year she spends traveling and half she spends in her school in Goa, India

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