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Yoga Mistakes That You Can Make

Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Health_news

yoga mistakes

Having decided to begin yoga, it is very important to find out about various do’s and don’ts about this activity so that no harm comes when exercising. Some fine tuning will ensure that you derive maximum benefits from this activity.

Some of the most common mistakes during yoga that must be avoided are

Breathing pattern

Breathing is a constant body activity which demands least attention of people. No thought is given to this activity but this is the activity which becomes quite challenging when carrying out a challenging pose. Breath should be constant as while carrying out yoga poses, muscle fibers require more than necessary oxygen, body weight support, and flexibility to bend at will. If limbs do not get enough oxygen, it becomes difficult to balance body. It at times also results in wobbly limbs and falls. Full belly breaths are necessary. It is also recommended to inhale through the nose and take deep gulps of air so that lungs are expanded to maximum capacity.

Pushing Too Hard

Though exercise of any type requires a little extra effort than necessary but sometimes pushing too hard results in an injury. Many people start yoga with great enthusiasm and excitement and in this fit of excitement they overdo their exercise routine. The muscles are pushed so much that they start screaming for attention. It is wrong as it may result in muscle tear or injury. The beauty of yoga is that if done in a correct manner, it is never painful. As soon as one starts feeling strain, he or she must immediately back off. Yoga makes a person aware about surroundings and listening to the subtle signals sent off by the body so as to respond accordingly.

Stop Comparison

When one starts a yoga class, he or she may found many people who are super flexible and can do amazing moves without any trouble. It is wrong to compare oneself with such people. There are two reasons behind this. Firstly, every individual is different hence degree of flexibility also varies considerably. Also, comparing oneself with others is an untoward strain on your mind and body. If you keep comparing yourself relentlessly, you will fail to meet your own objectives that are sought from yoga.

Picking perfect place In Class

One must place his or her mat wisely. Many people believe that sitting right in front of the class facing the instructor is the best place in the class, but it is not so. In fact sitting at the back of the class is the perfect place to enjoy yoga class. Also, since the instructor keeps on moving in the class to correct the moves of other people so he will not be in the front of the class. Thus, it is better to sit at the back or next to the back row. This vantage point will allow you to observe other people and see if you are moving in the graceful manner.

Last but not the least; a person must not go to the yoga class with a full stomach. Avoiding above mentioned mistakes will help you to derive best benefits from yoga.

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