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By Healingyoga

This post is a bit of a reflection of my life right now -- a little all over the place. Yes, even us yoga practitioners/bloggers can have trouble staying grounded in the present moment. I've got some exciting things planned over the next few months and I'm finding that I'm anticipating the future more than I'm living in the present. Imagine what I'm missing -- all the gloriousness of the present moment going unrecognized and unacknowledged because I'm thinking about what's going to happen. 

I know the drill of coming back to the present moment well -- ground with some breath and movement, sit and breathe, meditate, get out in nature. Yep, those are my back-in-the-moment techniques of choice. Hell, I'll even give myself a brief mantra pep talk now and again: "Here, now." After all, I don't want to miss all the goodness of this moment, now do I? [the answer to that question is NO, by the way].

There are always lots of great stuff happening in the wonderful world of yoga. Here's a little glimpse of the now and what's to come in the future:

Lend a Helping Hand
I get pitched all the time on a wide range of yoga-related (and not-so-related) items/events/inventions. It's nice to see that promotion isn't only for those who can afford a pricey PR firm. Thanks to the Web, we can support folks doing good in the world. One of my favorite vehicles for this is Kickstarter. I've supported a few causes/endeavors that I really believe in and it makes me feel good to see people helping others do good in the world. Right now there are two Kickstarter projects that need help from the yoga community:

Happiness Doesn't Come from Headstands -- this children's story offers an most important message: self-worth is not determined by achievement. Bravo! Failure isn't a bad word, and I just love how the author uses the quest to perform a Headstand as an opportunity to appreciate the journey over the end result. may be a children's book, but it sounds like a must-read for yogis everywhere (regardless of age). If you'd like to support this powerful, heart-warming project, click here.

Nadi Yoga Mat -- if you've ever been carrying your yoga mat only to have it drop to the ground and unravel, it's quite possible you've wondered why a yoga mat complete with magnets that keeps things together hasn't been created. Well, guess what -- Bryan, a yogi from California, is trying to create one. His Nadi Yoga Mat is eco-friendly and comes complete with magnets embedded in the mat reminiscent of the iPad Smart Cover. If you'd like to support the production of this yoga mat, click here.

Yoga Is Documentary
Today is the release date of the documentary film, Yoga Is: A Transformational Journey. The film follows one woman through her quest through India and her return to the US, including interviews with prominent teachers and offering up lessons learned and insights following a near-death experience. The movie is being screened in select locations and is available on Amazon. Click here for more information.

Kirtan with a Side of Funk
I've been a fan of Robin Renee's since I stumbled into one of her kirtans in NYC years ago. She recently released her new CD, This. If you're looking for a funky twist on the Indian classics, check out her music (the first two tracks on the page are on her new CD). 

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