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Yes, You Can Be Positive!

By Tranquilitynow @TranquilityNow1


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What? Can’t get out of bed in the morning? So miserable that the thought of doing the most mundane task makes your stomach turn in knots?

Believe me, I am not the most positive person. Between my anxiety and all of the various trials of life, it’s hard to be optimistic all of the time. However, even a moody and sometimes cynical person as me can try to maintain an affirmative attitude with a few simple steps:

  1. Imagine my positive self: I see myself smiling, relaxed, and at peace. (Good visualization when meditating too!)
  2. Focus on the good: We all have horrible things that happen to us through life. Like in my article on gratitude, being happy to see the sun shining or hearing the birds sing will cultivate positive feelings.
  3. Live carefree: Now, I am not saying forget about your paying bills or taking care of your family but live as if nothing bad in the world can bother you. If you keep pushing the bad thoughts out, then all you will have left is positive ones.

Unfortunately, positive living takes practice. I have heard that it is possible to maintain positivity throughout the day. The key is to be patient as it takes time to unlearn how not to react negatively to everyday situations. Don’t give up – your hard work will pay off. Now, let me go re-read my article so I can get out of bed.


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