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How Organizing Leads to Peace in Your Life

By Tranquilitynow @TranquilityNow1


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“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” ~Unknown

Think about it. How often do you spend looking for things in an unorganized desk as opposed to an organized one? Imagine if all of your files were thrown about at work instead of being in a folder under a filing system. What if plates were just piled all over your kitchen or if the kids left their toys everywhere? Everything should have a place so it can be easily found in the future.

Where should you start? Think of something out of place in your life. Let’s take a messy closet for instance. In order to organize it, you take everything out of it and make three piles: keep, throw away, and donate. You can get really fancy and hire a closet organizer but I find that cheap plastic tubs and moveable shelving keeps my closet organized.

Some more organizing tips:

Bills – Make two files or boxes, one labeled “Paid” and the other labeled “To Be Paid”. Once a bill comes in the mail, place it in the “To Be Paid” box. Once it is paid, place it in the “Paid” box. I clean out the “Paid” box once the money is taken out of my checking account for that bill.

Taxes – I have a drawer in my desk for anything that I need to include in this year’s tax return (i.e. receipts, paystubs that I keep until I get my W-2, etc.). One I file the return, each tax return and its supporting documentation is put into a manila envelope, labeled, and put in a fireproof safe (along with my other important documents).

To-Do-List/Grocery List – I like to keep a small notebook with me to write down things that I need to do. I then transfer appointments or important dates to my cell phone calendar or I make a list on my laptop of the things I need to get done. The item is crossed out in my notebook so that I know that I transferred it. I also keep a pad with a magnet on the back of it on the refrigerator so I can write down what I need to buy as they run out. Such lists allow me to not worry about forgetting an appointment or buying something I need.

To me, knowing were my socks are in the morning and having a filing system for bills keeps my life in order. By having my life in order, I am free to pursue things that interest me instead of searching for hours for a pair of socks. I wasn’t always like this but I found that having an organization system both in and out of the home has brought me peace and actually helps to lessen my anxiety.

What is your organizational system like? Please share below.

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