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YES I Really Really Did!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys. I missed blogging last night :( . My friend that I visited in Utah a month or so ago, was in town so I spent the evening with him and his family. We had our delicious tri-tip and apple bbq sauce. They all loved it which made me really happy. I left the camera at home so I could spend all my time visiting, not in blog-picture land. I also splurged a little for a chocolate chip cookie.


Yesterday I did a quick 2 miles before meeting Dorothy and when I say quick I mean quick! I ran both miles under 9:30 and my fastest during both miles was in the 6’s. NUTS!!! I definitely need to work on my pacing. I guess running faster short distances is good though. It makes you stronger


Then I did my usual 1.6 miles with Dorothy at our breezy 13 min pace. My legs were definitely tired after. I did a lot of stretching.


Today’s breakfast was influenced by last night’s tri-tip.


I literally made Steak and Eggs! Who does that?

3 slices of tri-tip and 2 fried eggs over easy. I like to dip the tri-tip in the runny yolk.

photo (1)

It was tasty and really satisfying. My Fitness Pal gives this breakfast 410 calories with the soymilk in my breakfast tea.

photo (2)

There’s a a little cow butt in there for ya

gotta start the day off right!


Today’s agenda is pretty normal.

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