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Yes; Color Does Affect Your Mood!

By Slherrmann
Yes; Color Does Affect Your Mood!Merry Tuesday everyone!
Have I told you all lately how much I enjoy sharing important information with you?
Well I really do love it......I hope you all enjoy it at least half as much!
I am switching it up a little today and share with you how colors play an important role in our lives, color influences your life and decisions at every moment of every day. The more you understand the way color affects yo, the better use you can make of its powers.....
Yes; Color Does Affect Your Mood!

Yes; Color Does Affect Your Mood!Color has a profound effect on the way you live. This was demonstrated in an interesting experiment involving six rooms, identical except painted different colors. Emotional reactions to each were recorded.
In the red room, everyone seemed busy, and in the orange, people were friendlier. In the blue room was either sad or peaceful, but everyone felt colder.
Advertisers understand these responses and brand their products with colors to create emotional reactions. Blue is associated with slimness, so skim milk often comes in blue and white cartons. Hospital operating rooms painted green to relax the patients. It also provides a complementary color to the red blood.
Colors In Different Cultures
Yes; Color Does Affect Your Mood!
Color psychologists have to be aware colors have different connotations in different parts of the world. Very often, it is not the meaning of the color that differs but the attitudes to exactly what it is that the color is representing.
Yes; Color Does Affect Your Mood!
Color Meanings~For instance, in many traditions, death and mourning are symbolized by black; in China, however, the color of mourning is white (their least vibrant color), while i Borneo it is blue and in Egypt and Burma it is yellow.
Brides may be married in colors indicating that they are pure and virginal, or that they are "dead" to their family. Chinese tradition dresses a bride in red, the color of happiness, and transports her on a red "marriage chair" while she carries a red parasol.
Color Symbolism
Yes; Color Does Affect Your Mood!
For Good Fortune And Prosperity~In the West, green is often the color of good luck. From Ireland came the tradition f the lucky green four-leaved shamrock. Green, having been the color of Mohammed's robe , is a sacred color  (and therefore a color of  good fortune) for Muslims the world over.
Yes; Color Does Affect Your Mood!
However, at their New Year in February, the Chinese give each other money in red envelopes that symbolize prosperity. The Japanese, meanwhile, celebrate good fortune y cooking ed rice. If green is not an auspicious color for you or you simply don't like it, you could try keeping your lottery tickets in a red folder for luck instead.
Yes; Color Does Affect Your Mood!For Tranquillity~Blue is the color usually associated with tranquillity, many of the world's peace organizations have blue symbols and flags. Blue is soothing ; it links us to profound serenity.
Green is also calming. It brings a feeling of harmony and frees us from fears associated with growth and change. If you need more serenity if your life, you might well find that it helps to paint ( or furnish) your bedroom, or the room in which you most like to relax , in a soft blue or green.
Yes; Color Does Affect Your Mood!
For Comfort~Different colors offer comfort in different ways. Yellow is the color of optimism and reminds you of sunny days (bright yellow rain coasts for grey, wet days). Orange offers warmth and contentedness. Green provides the comfort of knowing that you are linked through the heart, to the best qualities in people. Pink enfolds you in universal love, while deep blue can b reassuring.
For True Romance~Red is the color tat is most widely associated with passionate romance; it symbolizes both the red throbbing hear and the chivalric love that swears to shed its blood and lay down its life for you. It is the color of hot and consuming love, also symbolizing the burning red heat of fire which lets nothing stand in its way.
Yes; Color Does Affect Your Mood!Pink, on the other hand, is the color of sensuous love-tender, gentle and softly enfolding. it is less fiery and more stable and constant-its heat is less likely to wane. Coral and salmon are colors that can help you to heal a fear of love if, perhaps, in the past it has been unrequited or spurned.
Flowers, especially roses, are a lovely way to demonstrate romantic or warm and loving feelings, whether to the man, woman or dear friend in your life.
Yes; Color Does Affect Your Mood!

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