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Year End Accordian Book

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Year End Accordian BookThis can be a fun journal project for your child to record some of their favorite memories from last year, or write hopes and wishes for the new one.1. Start with large watercolor paper, the 22" x 30" size sheets, and cut into panels of 6" x 24". Fold the panels back and forth every 4" to make an accordian book that has six panels measuring 6" tall by 4" wide.2. I had some stencils on hand for making the numbers, which really helped the younger students. The year’s numbers were traced and then colored heavily with crayon.3. The students were given ink pens to write four of their favorite memories from the year, one in the background of each panel. I had some prompt questions already printed on a handout, asking “What was your favorite day in 2010?”, and “What did you do in 2010 that you were proud of?” and so on. Perfect writing was not the goal, just capturing memories. The writing could go in any direction. I think that cursive would be nice if you had older students.4. The four panels were painted with watercolor, each in a different color.5. The covers were separate pieces of heavier stock that measured 6" tall by 4" wide. While the accordian book is drying, the covers were painted with tempera paint, and then a title written on top in oil pastel. When complete, the covers were glued to the accordian end panels with white glue.

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